My Week in Hong Kong!

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So I’ve just about finished my week in Hong Kong. I know most of the time I post these kind of travel posts on my travel blog ( However, I actually was super busy with Uni work so didn’t get to do too much travel in HK! So I figured I might just do a wrap-up post here. I did just post a quick write up of the opening dinner for my program, which you can read over here! I hope you guys enjoy this post, and don’t worry, once I’m in Japan, there will be heaps more otome/anime posts coming!

My time in Hong Kong was really divided into 2 parts – spending time with my Aunties and doing my University program. During the University program we visited a number of major companies around Hong Kong, about 2 per day. It was incredibly hectic and to be honest, I wasn’t too interested in the companies. I very quickly realised that this tour was not for media students but actually ONLY for journalism students, even though it wasn’t advertised as such. I was really disappointed and quite bored for most of the program. To make matters slightly more frustrating, I struggled to get along with most of the group. The students from Mainland China were so lovely, and I talked to them now and again. But some of the Caucasian Australian students were very…I don’t know how to phrase it. Australia is a multicultural country, even if I wasn’t half Chinese I would have grown up with some idea of Chinese culture through making Chinese friends, but it was like these students had grown up in a vacuum devoid of any culture. They were just so ignorant and made really stupid comments. There was this one guy in particular who kept making jokes about people eating dogs. *Massive eye roll*

It wasn’t all doom and gloom! I made one really really good friend on the program. She’s originally from Hong Kong and we get along very well. My Aunties (my mum’s university friends) also looked after me so well. They took me out to eat delicious food, shopping and some sight seeing. I really loved my time in Hong Kong, it was just a shame that the University took up so much time. At least it is now one unit (almost) done. Now on to Japan!

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  1. What a coincidence! I’m leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow and you’ve just come back!! Just looking at all the food pics you’ve took is making me more excited ^^

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