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A New V Route for Mystic Messenger!?

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Today Cheritz updated its app ‘Mystic Messenger’, and its got some interesting new features. The game has been a on radio silence since the Mystic Messenger April Fools saga.  They did recently have a mini event to celebrate their one year anniversary, but I had uninstalled the app, after loosing interest. I’m glad to say that the small anniversary special was because Cheritz was busy working on a special surprise for all of us. A V ROUTE *screams* and a snazzy new interface. 

From the Cheritz Tumblr

So yes, yes the interface looks awesome, but lets get onto V’s route. So it appears that V’s route won’t be available until August, giving us 11 days to speculate and get excited. So far it appears that fans are a little torn between a V route. Some are very excited to romance the handsome photography, and others not so much. Especially since most of the main story (and Yoosung’s route!) was mainly discussing V’s relationship to Rika. Some fans are also confused about how V’s route will work around the events of the ‘After Story’.

I myself am on the torn side. I’ve always found V a fascinating character but I kind of feel like Cheritz is reaching a bit to make him romanceable. I would have much preferred they work on some more event specials with the original boys. But on the other side, I will be excited to explore his character a bit more. He’s an integral part to the RFA but in a lot of the routes he’s just kinda hanging around and not doing much.

What do you think of V’s upcoming route? Would you have preferred another character gotten the glory? 

14 thoughts on “A New V Route for Mystic Messenger!?

  1. I uninstalled MM since the April’s fools saga too, since I wasn’t too fond of it, but now that you say there’s a new route LEGIT ROUTE + NEW INTERFACE?! ASKFPSNDJD
    I would’ve preferred if Unknown had gotten a route, I cried for him the hardest, and he deserves an happy ending with a happy life and good relationship. But I’m curious what they’ll do with V’s route 👀👀✨👌

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        Gosh, that’s what we all need, a darn Unknown route so we can cry our guts out for the injustice done to him. Or imagine an AU where it was him that left and got involved with RFA, while Seven got left behind… Angst max level, so good 👌👌✨
        Truthfully, I didn’t do his Christmas route cause I’m so lazy and I tried 3 times but ended up missing the chats to do and so haven’t tried again. I lived it vicariously through you instead 😹👌

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      2. AHH MY POOR BABES. I can’t handle anymore pain. Gosh I can’t remember what part of the story it was, maybe one of the after endings and it was like Seven had a dream that MC him and Saeran all lived happily ever after? AND THE ANGST WHEN HE WOKE UP AND REALISED IT WAS A DREAM. MY HEART

        HAHA! I actually almost rage quit trying to get to Unknown’s route. It was quite a frustrating venture 😛


      3. Suffer for me, so I don’t have to suffer alone :’D

        OH YES, that was on the secret ending 1… feels everywhere T_T


        I believe you, because I did ragequit trying to get to his route XDDD
        I’ll do it one of these days, probably to get hourglasses to open V up. I’m sure it’ll expensive ASF and I’m not ready at all agh

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    1. Haha I completely agree! It will be interesting to see how it works. I saw some people on reddit speculating that this might be an alternate universe thing, so then Cheritz can also release an Unknown route?

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      1. :0 Really? I’d actually prefer a saeran route to V. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they don’t think the new update will be a route at all, that it might be some sort of back story for V or Saeran… I don’t know, I think I’d prefer a route. An alternative universe style think sounds good to me. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see though

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