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Death ~Fatal Love with Tender Reaper~ Review & Endings Guide

My experience with BrushApps has been a mixed one. On one hand I had an incredible time playing Kabedon: Never Wanna Let You Go, and then on the other hand I was so frustrated with My Sweet Vampire!  So I figured, third times the charm! I’ll give this company one more go. I had a looksie through their (very large) collection of tapping mobile games and finally settled on one – ‘Death: Fatal Love with Tender Reaper’. In the game you nurse a baby reaper to full maturity, and at the end he grants you one wish. It was a pretty simple game, and unfortunately once again, I came away with mixed feelings.

As usual with BrushApps the pros are the great CGs, and easy game mechanisms. For a simple mindless otome game BrushApps has got it covered. But often when it comes to the story and connection between the characters, it is really bland. Especially in this game I could not see any romantic undertones in the character’s relationship with the reaper. Especially since she raises him from being a child. Another issue I do take with BrushApps is that to get to the ‘true end’, you have to unlock the other 3 endings. These other 3 endings are ALWAYS bad endings! I play otome games for the positive feels not the negatives ones!

I don’t think I will be rushing to play another BrushApp otome game. If one with an interesting enough premise, like Kabedon, comes along, sure I’ll give it a shot. But for the moment I won’t be holding my breath.

Money Ending

Death Fatal Love with Tender Repeaer billionaire

This girl wants diamonds, and lots of them! You ask the reaper to give you more money than you can ever spend. He obliges and you quickly begin to enjoy your new luxurious lifestyle. However the shine quickly fades away as you discover how lonely you are. The people around you are only interested in your money, and you regret your wish.

World Peace Ending

Deaht Fatal Love with Tender Reaper world peace.png

You couldn’t think of a wish, so you wished for something everyone wants – world peace. And the reaper grants it! Wars are ended, and people celebrate. But you feel empty inside, you only wished for world peace to get the reaper’s attention, but now he’s gone. You’re left with nothing.

Together With You Ending

Death Fatal Love with tender repear together .png

You tell the reaper you want to stay with him, and he agrees. But then he leaves you with a random child!? At first you think it might be him reincarnated, but quickly discover it is not. You decide to raise the child in hopes of meeting the reaper again one day.

True Ending

Death Fatal Love with Tender Reaper true ending.png

After decades of living, the reaper has finally come to take your soul. You’re overjoyed and ask if you can be together forever. He smugly replies “Sure, but I’m very busy”. You tell him off as he takes your soul to the afterlife.


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