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Ace Spade: Lost Alice Walkthrough (Shall We Date?)

Finally, the knight of spades appears! After a completely lackluster Chronus route (which I’m still suffering through), another gorgeous babe has been released. You can check out my prologue/ first impressions post to read what happens before you begin Ace’s journey. You can play a majority of the first chapter without needing tickets! So read on to find out what answers you need to win the Knight of Spade’s heart :)!


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Recommended Play through Order:  Joker, Kyle, Luke, Owen

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Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

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  • I can’t take the word of a stranger
  • You have a wonderful brother
  • With magic
  • I didn’t give up, did I?
  • I think you’re a strong person (not sure if this is best!)
  • Remain in the Kingdom of Playing Cards
  • Thanks for coming to my rescue.
  • I have an excellent teacher
  • Do you think we look good together?
  • I am so glad to have met you
  • All right
  • Don’t shoulder the burden alone
  • What are you talking about?
  • I lean on you enough as it is
  • I can create a barrier too
  • Don’t you have faith in my abilities?
  • We should see what she has to say
  • Has been lonely all along

Thank you Raven!


Ace Spade lost alice shall we date chapter 1.jpg

You awaken in Alice’s house, completely dazed and confused. You hear a knock at the door and go outside to be greeted by Al (the white rabbit) and Ace,  the Knight of Spades. They tell you they are there to escort you to the Queen of Heart’s castle, as you are special and there are people after you. You finally agree, and once you arrive at the castle you are warmly greeted by the Queen. She asks you to stay in the castle with her, and assigns Ace to be your guard. You can’t quite explain it, but you begin to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety.

Ace Spade Lost Alice chapter 2.jpg

Ace notices how sick you are, and takes you to a room in his castle. After resting for a while you begin to explore outside. Ace finds you and chastises you for going around without him. He worries for your safety. You tell him you’d like to be able to protect yourself, and he agrees to help teach you magic.  You soon begin to remember parts of your memory, and have a feeling you are meant to protect the Queen of Hearts. However, when you tell her this she quickly dismisses you. You begin to get slightly suspicious. While at the Queen’s castle you meet the Lady of Diamonds, who seems to be very interested in you. At night she sneaks into your room, and pretty much tries to attack you? See below for my rant on that. Anywho Ace comes to the rescue, and says he wants to protect you.

Later, Ace and you go into town and have some tea together. As you walk around town you talk about how the card soldiers said that you would make a good couple. Your talk is interrupted by the arrival of a magical monster which you work together to take down. After making sure that the citizens are alright you go back to the castle. But at the castle both the Queen of Hearts and Jae have been attacked, and their special items stolen. Suspicion falls on Jae but Ace and you believe his innocence. You travel to the kingdom of time to ask Chronus to look into the past. Once you do, you realise it was actually Lily, the Lady of Diamonds, who attacked them.

The two of you rush back to Ace’s kingdom only to find it under attack. You begin to fight Lily with Ace, and after a heated battle, she is defeated. You learn that Lily wanted to gather the magical items together to prevent the ‘tragedy of suits’. The tragedy of suits was an event where the four card kingdoms’ royal families were attacked and murdered for their special item. Lily’s entire family was killed. As you try to decide what to do with Lily, the spinner of tales appears.

Yes I am pissed off at the Diamonds Scene

So as I mentioned above, there’s a scene in this story where you’re literally just sleeping and Lilly(?) (sorry I can’t remember her name) comes into your room. You wake up to her touching you and slowly undressing you. I’m just so frustrated with this scene, it’s the first time in a ‘Shall we Date?’ game I’ve seen an LGBTIQ character and oh of course they have to make her a massive creep! Her entire character is just her as a sex-crazed idiot. Just a 100% bullshit move by Shall we Date.

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