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Zombieboy 2 – Crazy Love Endings and Review

Zombieboy 2 is the sequel to Karapon’s very successful zombie boy game. Karapon also does a ‘Zombiegirl’ series, and it seems that all these games are kind of interlinked with one another. In Zombieboy 2, you are desperately trying to return your childhood friend (and crush) back into his human form. However as the story progresses, you (as the reader) realise that the character’s intentions may not be as pure as you thought. The game has 3 endings, and has 21 ‘stages’ to go through. The gameplay is very similar to its predecessor, as you just tap zombies to kill them and tap to feed your love.


Normal End

  • If he looks pretty, fine
  • I won’t regret
  • I prefer a human to a zombie
  • You give and receive love
  • I can sacrifice myself

Bad End

  • ….whatever
  • I’m not sure…
  • Either way, he is he
  • I can’t explain
  • I don’t know…

Good End

  • I want him who loves me
  • I won’t regret
  • Either way, he is he.
  • You give and receive love
  • I can sacrifice myself

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 Normal Ending

Zombieboy 2 crazy love normal ending

In the normal end you have achieved your perfect boyfriend. You tell him that you will guide him, all he has to do is love you. He destroys other zombies for you, and you wonder if you really wanted this obsessive love.

Bad Ending

Zombieboy 2 crazy love bad ending

In the bad ending, your love does everything to ensure that he never becomes human. You continue force feeding him other zombies, but he continues to reject you. Eventually he stops talking to you all together. Years go by and his form becomes more and more horrific, you can hear the mysterious woman laughing at you.

Good Ending

Zombieboy 2 crazy love good ending

Even though you have achieved your perfect boyfriend there is something strange about him. You realise he’s no longer the man that you loved, you’ve changed him into something else. You allow him to feed on you so that he can return back to his original human state. He changes back and the two of you live together in your own version of happiness.

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