Japan Trip Final Post Round Up

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So as many of you guys know, I was in Japan for about 20 days in July. I’ve pretty much finished writing up all my posts on my travel blog about the trip and wanted to share them with you. Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Japan, I went by myself, so it was definitely a learning experience. I had to really rely on problem solving skills and brush up on my Japanese skills.  I really hope I get the chance to go back soon, but I may have to save up some money before then! Wow I did a lot of shopping. Over the next few weeks I’ll also be doing ‘haul’ posts, so please keep an eye out for those too!

My Posts

The Totoro Food Place

A Hedgehog Cafe!?

Shopping in Harajuku!

Shirokuma Cafe (A real one!)

The Pokemon Centre/ Ikebukuro!

Summer Festival! 

Attack on Skytree X Tokyo Tower

Another Ikebukuro trip

Fabric Shopping

Shopping Heaven – BookOff!

Akihabra Day!

Owl Cafe

Pug Cafe

Another Summer Festival (but in Kyoto!) 

Shopping in Kyoto 

Nara Deer Park

Some Pictures!

Mitama Matsuri 2017 lanterns

Marugo Tonkatsu Akihabara.jpg

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