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Prince of the Resort (Otome) – First Impressions

I’ve written about Dearead Otome games twice before on this site. Their first game was a cafe style game and their second one a princess one! In both my posts my biggest comment was how impressed I was about the translation quality, and design of each of the games. Over the weekend they released two new games, both of which I will be writing first impressions posts on. The first is ‘Prince of the Resort’.

Prince of the resort otome prologue

In ‘Prince of the Resort’ you work at the concierge of a high class hotel. One day while taking your break you notice a man swimming in the ocean, but you think he’s trying to kill himself! You quickly rescue him, only to realise your mistake. What’s more is that he’s a royal! He and his two royal friends find you amusing and want to make you their personal assistant for the duration of their trip. Will you fall in love with the royal tourist?

The Guys

Prince of the resort Albert.jpg

Prince of the resort Lavi

Prince of the resort tomoomi

My Impressions

Just as I mentioned in my two other posts, the loading screen for Dearead games is a real pain! You’ll read about 5-7 lines of text, go to the loading screen, then choose to keep reading, then back to the loading scree and then read again. It wastes a lot of time and it’s really hard to feel involved with the game, if your concentration keeps getting broken every 30 seconds. I really hope in future games they change their loading screen design. If not for it, their otome games would be truly top class.

Despite this issue, as I mentioned above, I really am impressed by the translations & design of this game. While the story is a bit cliche and been done before, they added an extra flair that makes it enjoyable to play through. I am looking forward to completing my first route with the ‘pure prince’, Tomoomi. You can check the game out (for free!) on the Play Store and Apple Store.