My Essential Laptop Features

When I moved down to Melbourne, I took two of three computer devices with me (excessive I know!). This left my parents to share my dad’s dingy laptop, which I felt awful about. So for their combined Christmas present (and maybe bit of their birthday presents) I thought I should get them a new computer!  With this in mind, I figured I should write a post about what features I look for in choosing my laptop/computer. I currently own one apple mac air, which I’ve had for about two years, and one microsoft desktop which I’ve had for maybe five years. I definitely use my laptop a lot more than my desktop, which I mainly use for photoshop, but I tend to look for the same features in both my laptop and desktop!


I always have too much junk saved

When I go on trips, like my recent Japan ones, I guarantee you I will come back with at least 5000 pictures. Over the last five years I’ve been very privileged to be able to do quite a lot of travel, and in the end had to resort to using external hard drives to store my pictures. I hate external hard drives. I find them cumbersome and always loose them. Having a large storage space in my computer is a must! I love having everything in one place, that I can reach easily. I also play a lot of games, I’m a massive fan of the Sims (and usually invest in most of the expansion packs), otome games and anything I can get my hands on in Steam. All of these require a big storage space.

Battery Life & Laptop Weight


I changed my laptop  throughout the duration of my undergraduate course of uni. For my psychology degree, and the way that my classes worked out, I could be on campus from 9am -6pm. My first laptop would last maybe 5 hours of light usage, and then die immediately. I knew I had to get another one, as there was no way I would be lugging around my laptop charger in my already textbook filled bag. I need a laptop with a battery which can last the entire day.

AS I mentioned before I’ve been travelling a lot. So the battery also needs to last long flight durations! Nothing worse than having a boss battle, only for your laptop to die midway through. I also really appreciate a laptop that is kinda light. As mentioned before, I’ve recently been travelling quite a lot. Especially living in Melbourne and flying up to Sydney, the baggage allowance is 7kg. I can’t have a laptop + charger that weighs anything over 1kg, that’s most of my allowance gone!

Durability & Sound


I am not only clumsy, but also kind of stupid about the way I treat my laptop. I’ll carry it one handed, or even just walk around holding the screen and not the base. I’m sure there’s a special place for me in laptop owner hell. But in the mean time, I need a laptop that can survive me. My current laptop has been dropped on marble floor, had my cat run all over it and chew the chords, and coke spilled on the keyboards. And it still works almost perfectly! Besides that one time it didn’t turn on for a week and the apple store had to fix it. I’m also a very fast, and very intense typer, keys need to be able to take the pressure! No getting stuck around here!

Another aspect that I really look for in a laptop is the audio. No matter what I’m doing – working, reading a comic, staring a the ceiling pondering my existence, I always do it with music going through my laptop. I can’t stand hearing beats through some poor quality speakers. Also if I’m playing a voiced otome game, I want to hear bae’s voice nice and clear.


Now how about you my dear readers? What features do you consider essential for your laptop/ computer?