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Collar X Malice – Unlimited ~ Fan Disc Announced!

Following Collar x Malice’s incredible success both in Japan and abroad, Idea Factory has just announced a fan disc. Unfortunately the trailer provides little information of what the fan disc will be about, but it does say it will be released in Japan in 2018! Collar x Malice was released in the west on the 18 August 2017. The game follows a female police officer who works with a group of private investigators to take down a terrorist organisation. The game has been received positively with strong praise on its great story and strong heroine.

Collar x Malice unlimited

A fan discs usually provide ‘extra’ content to a previous game such as sweet stories as well as extra images or music. Because of this they also tend to be significantly shorter than the main game. It seems to be a very exciting time in the otome world with Code Realize having announced one fan disc will be coming to the West and a second will be released in Japan. I can’t wait to hear more about this new Collar x Malice fan disc in the coming weeks.


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14 thoughts on “Collar X Malice – Unlimited ~ Fan Disc Announced!

  1. I’m glad this game, which I’ve been hearing is good, is getting a sequel~
    I really need to play code realize and collar X malice aah 👀✨

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      1. I’m glad you’ve found so many baes to fill your life with good things! 🙌💕
        I will! I have code realize to play already, it’s just I started other games before it and I don’t feel right not finishing them first, but rpgs take forever and a day xD;

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      2. Backlogs never stop growing sigh
        Plus rn I’m in MM hell and also BTS hell, so I’m either watching videos of bts or playing MM so the rest of my backlog is stagnant 😭💦

        Is it? Ah, I hear so many great things about it, I hope I like it too 💦

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