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V Route is Released!

Update your Mystic Messenger apps everyone cause the V route will officially be released in a few hours. Unfortunately today’s release is only for Android users, people using the Apple store will have to wait 2-3 more days. As mentioned in my previous post, the V route was initially meant to be released during August. However, Cheritz decided to delay it to ensure that the route was up to scratch. Cheritz has also confirmed that the V route will have the following features:

  • 11 days of playtime
  • 7 different endings
  • Fully voiced VN and calls
  • New messages and ringtones added
  • V route free talk added

For Mystic Messenger fans who purchased the special RFA pack, the calling card that was included will NOT give you access to V. Cheritz has also hinted that there may be an hourglass price difference for buying whole day chats and phone calls on V’s route, compared to the other routes. Furthermore with the 7 different potential endings, I hope this doesn’t mean that it will be easy to get a bad ending >_<!

Mystic Messenger V

Furthermore the promotional image they released with this announcement, continues to hint that this route will heavily involve Rika. Rika’s potential involvement in V’s route, has been a point on contention for fans. Some fans are excited by the prospect of playing as Rika and either redeeming her, or saving her relationship with V. Other fans just want MC and V to get together and either have Rika never exist or be a distant memory. Another point I will make with the promotional images is that it appears to be in the same gorgeous style that Cheritz initially began with. My biggest concern with V’s route was having the awful designer who designed the Christmas and Valentine’s special CGs. They were so incredibly awful and pretty much ruined those events.

Overall I am definitely incredibly excited to see what Cheritz does with V’s route. Mystic Messenger was the game that got me into Otome games, so it is very close to my heart. I am looking forward to getting to know V, and hopefully have a lovely romance with him ^O^!

5 thoughts on “V Route is Released!

  1. I’m glad to see it’s the same artist of the main hame doing the cg and art too, instead of the less than stellar art of the other dlc’s.
    I do hope it’s the MC as the main in his route, and we get to redeem him.
    One thing I noticed is that 300 hourglasses for his route is damn steep, jeesus. The deep route is only 50, what kind of jump in price 💦💦
    If Vip buyers get angry they have every right, not including V’s call card for them is just strange and money grabbing imo :/
    I hope it ends up being a good route, and worth all the wait.
    Have fun, and I hope to see what you thought of it! 👌✨

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      1. Yeah, I wasn’t going to spend 300 hg if it was the other artists, cause I’m not that crazy 😹
        Vip players got shafted asf, rip them 💦

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