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Fools (BL) Webtoon Review

‘Fools’ is a Boys Love Korean webtoon by Yeongha & Bagdam. Currently over 70 chapters are available on the official Korean webtoon website Comica.  Of that, 25 chapters have been fan-translated. The series focuses on two university students, Eungi and Jeongwoo. Eungi is your typical aloof guy, however one day he finds out a secret about his underclassman Eungi. After finding out the secret he just can’t leave Eungi alone, and becomes more and more conscious not only of him, but his feelings for Eungi.

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What I really loved about Fools was how it made me feel like I was watching a real relationship unfold. Eungi is interested in Jeongwoo but he is confused about what he is actually feeling, and worse yet, he is anxious about how Jeongwoo sees him. For Jeongwoo we see his immediate attachment to Eungi and then his hope of it becoming something more. It’s a constant inner battle for each to overcome their shyness and say what they really want to. This series is a slow burning romance, it took almost 3 chapters for them to talk to one another. And, just when you think they’ve come to an understand in their feelings another confusion happens. But it just makes the romantic journey that much sweeter. You can’t wait to see their love realised!

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The series isn’t just focused on the relationship between Eungi and Jeongwoo, we also see heartbreak in their relationships with others. Particularly with Jeongwoo, who from the beginning of the series is trying to recover from an awful break up with someone he loved. Jeongwoo’s experience is very relatable for anyone who has had their heart broken, from his teary eyed social media stalking to the grief he feels of a love lost. This is also the basis of his relationship with Eungi, Eungi wants to comfort him without overstepping boundaries. Jeongwoo further questions if he is ready for a new relationship while still suffering heartache.

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I am definitely enjoying reading ‘Fools’ but I won’t say that I’ve fallen in love with it like I did ‘A Man Like You‘. I am enjoying the build up of Eungi and Jeongwoo’s relationship, I love how the author has included lots of fun social media things and touched on some interesting topics. I also think the art style is ridiculously adorable, ahh Jeongwoo’s smile heals my heart! If you are looking for something relaxing to read, definitely check this out, but for those who like fast-paced romances maybe give this one a skip.

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