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Ray & V Route Email Guide ~ Mystic Messenger

Hello! I’m currently on day 6 of V’s route and have noticed that Cheritz has created new guests to be invited! This is a bit of a pain, as I normally rely on guides to get my guests to come. So for V’s route I thought I might write up my answers so far to the email questions, I’ve been doing alright so far. I can’t quite remember the exact wording of some of the answers but I hope you will get the idea of what I was trying to say. If an answer has an (X) next to it, it means that is the wrong answer! Hope this helps. My guide for the chat times is over here.

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If you know the answers for any of the emails please let me know down in the comments!

Thank you Cel, Saeran Bae, Nano Pico Banana, Washu, Washutakahashi, Paola, Šárka, Royal Spells, Jun, Socks Senpai, Livypaws and TrashKomaeda!!

Guest Name in Alphabetical Order!


  • Back of cheerleaders
  • Waiting list
  • Idol Concert


  • Check the name and Invitation letter
  • Let it play with Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Right beside Mr Han


  • Experienced electric shock
  • You shouldn’t miss the chance!
  • What’s wrong with that?


  • 1200~ 1400 won
  • Press the stop button
  • Goshiwon


  • Hello World
  • D.Ritchie
  • Trust the programmer


  • Must be a machine, not fairy magic!
  • This is getting embarrassing…
  • Spy training school


  • Never played main hero with great costume
  • +10 mentality stat
  • Costume contest


  • Everyone will love Indian Curry
  • Of course, we have masala!


  • Of course!
  • Hope for students with adolescent concerns
  • Symbol of strength!


  • [Your name]
  • Yoosung
  • Not yet settled


  • Drone
  • Wireless earphone
  • A crowdfunding site


  • Long distance eyeglasses
  • Blue light
  • Heart-shaped glasses

Family Doctor

  • ….
  • ….
  • ….


  • Chicken Breasts
  • Squats
  • Treadmill


  • Afro Hair
  • Afro Hair for Chairman Han!
  • Yes


  • The agency
  • Silence is golden
  • Absence of a cleaning license


  • How about rice flavored ice cream?
  • Coffee!
  • Why don’t you scoop ice cream into a flower?


  • .—- .—- .—- .—-
  • -. —


  • Shoot a bat shaped light to the sky
  • Because it lets you work late in the dark midst of night
  • Robinboy


  • Terms
  • Ineligibility of marriage due to job
  • Cochlear insurance


  • H20
  • KCN
  • Behind me


  • You can enjoy a luxurious buffet if you come…
  • Researcher of residential environments
  • PVP


  • Cake of rice cakes


  • Sistine Chapel
  • Pieta!
  • The Last Judgement


  • Three moles behind the ears of Rudolf
  • It’s the color you like
  • To be their family for one day..


  • Freud
  •  Dreams
  • Schizophrenia


  • Rich enough to fill the swimming pool with money
  • There’s also a celebrity coming!
  • Have you met a hacker before?


  • Edvard munch
  • Don’t let go of your blanket!
  • We prepared a thin blanket for you


  • Want him to come
  • Hades
  • Kerberos


  • Voting for elections!
  • It’s sovereignty! The right to be the owner of the nation!
  • Antartica, the land of penguins


  • Sick, dope, lit music!
  • Nail art to train fingertips
  • Racing rhythm game


  • 3 minutes
  • Pizza Cheese
  • Cook meals how you feel like it should be done


  • Credibility


  • Did you meet something like the Saint Dogs?
  • Nothing by the flesh of an astronaut
  • The satellite was the weakness


  • Yes, I want to eat you
  • Stir-fried Udon
  • Emphasise it is good for them


  • Use bloodpacks
  • Live in the city
  • Wear suits/ modern clothing


  • Bezel
  • 1140 and 2
  • Meet their love


  • Strike!
  • Unknown
  • Anonymous


  • A night owl
  • Self-improvement
  • Health Manage

51 thoughts on “Ray & V Route Email Guide ~ Mystic Messenger

  1. For @normal, you have to pick the option that says that the people are rich.. (brimming with money, i think)

    For @udon, first option would be something like ‘i want to eat you, next correct option would be fried udon 😉

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  2. ohh i also picked something along the lines of using ‘magic powder’ as my first answer for @cleaningfairy. i got it wrong (lol)
    anyway, thanks for sharing your walkthrough 🙂

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  3. thank you for making this list! I notice you don’t have @icecreamseller in your list~ the answer is “rice flavored ice cream” and “coffee!” and i haven’t gotten the last one yet. Hope this help!

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  4. For @whitehacker the second answer is Unknown, for @Youth the second answer is read for self-improvement, and for @bodyguard the second answer is let it play with Elizabeth 3rd . For a guest named @legendarypoet the first answer is cake of rice cake. Hopefully I’ll be able to help you add more answers in the future since you’ve helped me!

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    1. Hi, I’m not sure how that happened as that’s the answer I used to get a green mark and I just cross-referenced with other guides and that’s the answer they have too.


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