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Seven Boys 2: On The Other Side of the Island

‘Seven Boys 2: On the Other Side of the Island’ is a new otome game developed by CheungGuang and published by Forever Entertainment S.A. Both the developer and publisher have worked on another game called ‘Pastry Lovers’ which came out late July. On Steam, ‘Pastry Lovers’ has quite positive reviews, so I figured why not give their new game a try. However, I have no idea why this is called ‘Seven Boys 2’, as I can’t find any mention of a first game? Anywho, ‘Seven Boys’ has just been released the price is 40% off ($2.40) until 23 September. If you’re not keen on reading my entire review, I’ll sum it up here in just one sentence : I wouldn’t play this game again, even if you gave ME money.

Also I’m sorry if the images in this post look odd, the game wouldn’t let me screenshot so I had to take pictures of my computer screen with my phone :/


The story begins with you waking up in a cell surrounded by four boys (I promise this game is not as creepy as it sounds, but still a tad creepy). The four of them treat you with hostility, and don’t want to be near you. You quickly realise that you have awoken in a strange new world where there are no adults and only children. The five of you are taken to a house where you are introduced to the person in charge of the world, his assistant, a maid and another ‘prisoner’. Instead of names the 8 individuals that surround you are given numbers 0-7. The idea is that you are Snow White with the seven dwarves. The game games over the course of 10 days as you try to work out why you fell into this world, and more importantly how you can get out of it.

I will say that there is an explanation of why boys aren’t really….boys later on in the story. I’m not sure if I should type it here cause I don’t want to spoil the game, but I really feel they should have included it at the beginning of the game. I spent half the game feeling so damn creeped out and disgusted.

7 Boys 2 Otome.jpg

For my first (and only) play through I focused on no.2 who was the assistant to the guy in charge. And wow oh wow was I in for a shit hole of a ride. The routes branch off at around day 4, and from then on you don’t really interact with the other 7 days. In No.2’s route he’s an adult just like you, but he uses a specialised drug to turn his body into that of a child’s so he ‘fits in’ with society. However the drug causes really awful side effects like memory loss, pain and random bouts of range caused by a split personality. In the next paragraph (after the picture) I talk about sexual assault, please skip down to ‘Gamplay’ heading if you will find this distressing.

7 Boys 2 Otome no.2.jpg

One particular scene in No.2’s route absolutely disgusted me. MC is in the hospital with him after he takes his medicine but he’s split personality comes out beats the MC and rapes her. The next day MC is inconsolable and upset, and what the actual fuck does Mr No.2 say? He’s all like “well I haven’t seen an adult in a while so I couldn’t control myself”. I almost falcon punched my computer screen I was so damn angry. I just don’t understand why Otome games need to include this kind of violence in their games? Why almost glorify sexual assault with the MC being attacked, forgiving the attacker and then living happily ever after? There’s even a scene where MC is like “please don’t take the tablets cause you’re crazy personality is gonna come out” and the guy just ignores her! Like great, just keep putting the person you love in danger! God this was an awful game.


7 Boys 2 Choose the role you want to visit.jpg

The game play is very typical of a normal otome game. Between the story there is ‘free time’ where you can choose which character you want to spend time with / develop your relationship with. There’s also an affections screen where you can see your affection levels, in this game there were blue heart and red hearts. I honestly don’t know what the difference between the two heart types are, it was never explained. I ended up getting the red heart ending which seemed like a good ending?

7 Boys 2 Affection Levels.jpg

My biggest issue with the game was the god awful English translations. Looking at the reviews of ‘Pastry Lovers’ a few reviewers did mention some translation issues but said it was minimal. In ‘Seven Boys’, there were whole chucks of story I could not understand because of the poor English. I mean you can even see in some of the screenshots I’ve provided, what the hell does “every time you want to keep me away from me, you irate me?” mean!? It was a real struggle to get through the story

Final Thoughts

Overall I really do not recommend this game to anybody. I was pretty disgusted by the way they depicted some graphic content, and the game was pretty much unplayable because of translation issues. The only positive I can say is that the CGs of the game are quite nice, and the music is very lovely. But unfortunately pretty pictures and nice music can’t save this game. 2/10

7 Boys Otome No.2 Red Heart Ending.jpg

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