Japan Haul #1 ~ Mystery Boxes ~

If you guys follow me on Twitter or my Travel blog, you’ll know that I spent most of late July/early August in Japan! I had an incredible time, and bought so SO much stuff. I’m finally back home in Sydney and have the chance to get all my things together. I thought it might be fun to show you guys all the crazy things that I picked up. I’m not quite sure how to organise my Haul posts, but I’m thinking of doing this + a pokemon specific one + a general one.

What are Mystery Boxes? Mystery Boxes/Blind Bags are essentially boxes that you buy not knowing what’s inside. You can get one of a number of variations. They’re a lot of fun as you get the added bonus of having a surprise. The feeling you get when you receive the character you wanted is indescribable, and when you get one that you didn’t want, well, you just go buy another box! They’re super popular in Japan and I picked up a whole bunch of them.

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First up, my Danganronpa goodies! The two silver wrapped items I received in a Dangaronpa themed cafe in Harajuku, the cafe was celebrating the new game. If you bought any item you received a free coaster and I bought an extra badge. As I didn’t know any of the characters in the new game (as the translated version hasn’t been released) I didn’t really mind who I got! My other items are from the Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair game / Danganronpa 3 anime series which I got in a Loft Store in Kyoto. In these items I knew who my favourite characters were & characters I wouldn’t mind getting which were Nagito, Akane, Nekomaru, Peko, Sonia, Gundham, and Chiaki.



The two folders are double sided, so I got Nagito/Imposter dude & Nekomaru/ Akane, which I was super happy about. I absolutely adored the Mikan figurine, while I may have liked to get someone else, she’s just so darn cute! I also received a Fuyuhiko & Ibuki strap…which is alright. To be honest I was happy to get anyone except Hiyoko and TeruTeru…and then I got a TeruTeru badge (the orange one). Ahh I actually screamed when I saw his pervert face. Again, not quite sure who the blue badge is + the purple coaster, guess I’ll find out in a week!


Saiyuki Haul Japan.jpg

Next, Saiyuki! I’ve been watching this series since…2013 when I first fell in love with Sanzo. This series is so close to my heart, and with the new season just about to air when I went over, I was spoilt with all the goodies! I didn’t buy much blind boxes, as I wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting. Half of these come from a Saiyuki pop up store I found and the other half is from Animate in Akihabara. If you like Saiyuki, check out my post from when I went to a Saiyuki themed cafe!

Saiyuki haul.jpg

Saiyuki Goku Sanzo figurine.jpg

Saiyuki Gogjyo Goku keychain.jpg

First Picture: The two coasters are from when I was at the Saiyuki themed cafe, you got one at random for every item you ordered. I actually received two Hakkai’s so if anyone wants to trade please message me! The ‘photos’ I received at Animate & the Saiyuki pop up store, they’re like a random free gift you can get. I really like the two keychains I got of Sanzo/Goku and Goku/Gojyo, however I don’t really like Goku’s eyes in the chain, up close they look a bit creepy.

Second Picture: These two can either be a stand or a key ring and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. When I got Goku I was like ahh, and then I got Sanzo and I lost my shit. I was screaming and they’re so cute together.

Third Picture: I also quite like these keychains but I wish they could be stands like my other ones. I do like the Gojyo one a tad more as the Goku one is a little bit dark. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with both of them, but they’re super detailed and lovely.


Otome Haul mystery box.jpg

So of course I had to go a bit crazy on Otome shopping too! While I was over there Collar x Malice was super huge (as it still is) however I hadn’t played the game so I just bought one blind bag. I ended up getting…cat ear guy, who route I still haven’t played. With my purchase I also received a free bookmark, which was of Kei, whose route I have played! Now, I kind of wish I bought a bit more Collar x Malice stuff >_>



Since I couldn’t buy much Collar x Malice stuff I focused my shopping on Code Realize merchandise. With Code Realize I’d only played two routes (finishing Van Chan’s route on the plane over), but I knew that I liked all the characters (besides Van Chan). I was really surprised because Van Helsing was super popular in Japan, in second hand shops his stuff was always priced the highest (even higher than Lupin’s). So it was just my luck that almost half the stuff I got was Van. I did manage to pick up an adorable Frankenstein button. And, my FAVOURITE purchase, the Cardia and Lupin key chains. I can’t believe how gorgeous these keychains are, I don’t want to use them in case they get damaged >_<!! Ahh it’s such a lovely pair~

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5 thoughts on “Japan Haul #1 ~ Mystery Boxes ~

  1. Cool post – I was in Japan around Christmas and noticed that so many stores would sell Mystery Boxes/Bags as well. They’re crazy for them in Japan it seems! It was usually clothes or shoes, but the idea was the same as your anime ones. I was tempted to buy one to find out what was inside, but I didn’t in the end – I had no idea what to expect!


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