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My Pure Boyfriend: Romance you Choose ~ First Impressions

‘My Pure Boyfriend’, also known as ‘My Cherry Boyfriend’ is Genius Inc’s latest mobile otome game. Just as in ‘My Devil Lovers‘ , Genius Inc has slightly changed up it’s gameplay style. Every 2.5 hours you receive one ticket, one ticket will allow you to read one episode. You can also earn ‘rubies’ to choose special dialogue options that will give you extra affection points. I’m definitely intrigued by the new system but am not completely sold on it. Anywho, let’s get into what ‘My Pure Boyfriend’ is about!

My Pure Boyfreind principal.png

After seeing your tell off a creepy guy on the streets, the Principal of a charm academy approaches you with a job opportunity. The Charm Academy helps men to turn into gentlemen, giving them the skills and knowledge to woo the woman of their dreams! The pay is incredible so you quickly accept the job. After half a year working the principal gives you a challenge. Choose one of four troublemakers and change him into a gentleman! Seems easy enough, until you actually meet them. Wow oh wow do you have your work cut out for you!

My Pure Boyfriend guys.png

I’m currently up to chapter 5 in Junichi’s route and it is quite a lot of fun. I’m actually really impressed by this game. All the times Junichi fails at being a gentleman are hilarious and the MC is quite blunt and straight forward. There are some translation errors but these are very minor. I’m going to try my best to write up walkthroughs for this game ASAP!

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The Guys

Unfortunately when I clicked the red hair guy’s profile it kept showing up as Junichi’s so not quite sure what’s happening there. Also the Principal will be romanceable but I believe Genius Inc will release his route at a later date!

My Pure Boyfriend Junichi Kusamoto.png

My Pure Boyfriend Toshiaki Kanade

My Pure Boyfriend Motohide Sakuraba.png