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Neil Mirror Walkthrough – Lost Alice (Shall We Date?)

The latest Lost Alice babe has just arrived – the cool and suave Neil Mirror. To get you started on your ‘Lost Alice’ journey please  check out my first impressions/ prologue post over here. Early bird prizes for Neil are available until the 16 October, with the super Early Bird prize available until 9 October 5pm PST. Neil’s route is also released in conjunction with a Halloween ribbon collecting event. Furthermore after Neil’s route it looks like Shall we Date? is working on a Spinner of Tales route!! Just like when I do with all my route guides, I will update this as I go.

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Neil Mirror Lost Alice

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  • Can you tell me why?
  • Speak to Neil
  • …I want my memory back
  • Sounds like fun (very good choice)
  • I felt useless
  • Thank you
  • I don’t have time to be depressed
  • I can’t tolerate injustice
  • You have a heart to feel
  • Ask no question
  • I want us to be able to talk like we did earlier
  • I would be sad if you disappeared
  • Is that what you really want Lily?
  • Call his name in your heart
  • Don’t listen
  • A lot happened
  • That’s nice to hear
  • Don’t apologise
  • Anyone has the power to change their destiny
  • I’m glad we could attend together
  • Do we look like lovers to you?
  • Angry for involving innocent people
  • Where are the others?
  • Did you see the same scene I did?
  • I won’t forget you
  • We’re lovers

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You wake up in the Kingdom of Playing cards, where you have decided to stay until you regain your memories. While you are walking the corridors you feel a presence watching you. You call out to it and a strange man appears, he calls himself ‘Neil Mirror’ and explains that just as your job is to be ‘Alice’ his job is to monitor ‘Alice’. Understandably, you are not too excited about the idea of being watched 24/7 by a stranger. You run to tell Ace, however Neil has disappeared. The next day he appears again, but this time in front of everyone. He explains himself in front of Ace and the Queen, and you make a deal that he can continue to monitor you but only if you can actually see him while he monitors you.

Neil Mirror Lost Alice chapter 1

Later that day, you, Ace and Neil head to the town to do some shopping. While you’re out magical beasts attack the town, Ace and Neil manage to defeat them quickly. You head back to the Queen’s castle and discover her collapsed with Jai (Clover) standing over her. It’s revealed that the Queen’s ‘symbol’ her heart has been stolen and Jai is the prime suspect. After seeing the Queen’s face, you remember that you used to be best friends in the real world. You came to Wonderland to try and save her from her fate as the Queen of Hearts.

Neil Mirror Lost Alice chapter 2.jpg

To become stronger you ask Neil to begin teaching you magic. It doesn’t take long for you to get the hang of it. While seeing the Queen you begin to pray for her good health and you end up using your magic to heal her a bit. Neil is shocked and leaves the room, he’s then confronted by the Spinner of Tales who tells him that he doesn’t have a heart, and he needs to make sure you fulfil your role as Alice.

Neil Lost Alice Mirror CG 3.jpg

To be continued…

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