An Amazing Day Out @ Oz Comic-Con

If you’re following me on Twitter, today you may have noticed a crazy amount of cosplay and merch posts. That’s because I was at Oz Comic Con! Oz Comic Con is a geek convention that happens all over Australia, and runs for 2 days. This weekend it’s being held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney. Thanks to their fantastic team, I was given a media pass to enjoy the convention. The best way to get to the convention is to catch a train to Town Hall, and then walk down to Darling Harbour (about a 10 minute walk). The ICC (International Convention Centre) is across from IMAX. There’s one massive building which I think is the main hall and behind that you can see some escalators and signs with Oz Comic Con branding – head over there!

Artist Alley

Cristina Jane.JPG
Cristina Jane

My first stop at any convention is always to the Artist Alley. Oz Comic Con had two lanes where attendees can buy handmade goods. These range from enamel pins to stickers and even jewellery. I love seeing all the incredibly different art styles that the artists have, for example Cristina Jane has incredibly adorable art of different characters and also has commissions available at her table from as low as $15! Monika Viktoria is showcasing her designer art toys which are called ‘Moss Dolls’. She told me she was inspired by moss and the idea that all you see is the ‘head’ of the moss and underneath is this wonderful sweet creature. She’s currently working on a new collection inspired by moths. I’ll be showing off all the amazing art I bought from these two artists (and a few more) tomorrow in my haul post!

Monika Viktoria Moss Dolls.jpg
Monika Viktoria

The Atmosphere

Oz Comic Con 2017 2

Walking into Oz Comic-Con, the first thing I saw was all the colour! I was whipping my head around to try and keep track of all the incredible cosplay around me. Often times I had to run after some cosplayers to ask for pictures, there were just so many! Everyone was so incredibly friendly, and having fun. I especially loved seeing all the families who had co-ordinated their costumes together. Visiting the different merchandise stores was a great treat, at times I would be fan-girling over something and another personal who overhear me and start up a conversation. The convention was a really fun way to get connected with the community.



Oz Comic Con 2017 author talk
Authors (left to right): Marianne de Pierres, Isobelle Carmody and Kylie Chan

I ended up attending two talks during the convention, the first one was ‘Cosplay on a Budget’ which was done by the lovely Evey Dantes. Since I’ve started learning sewing this year, I’ve been thinking about getting into cosplay. Her talk was really fascinating about how to cut cost by using materials like foam or paper mâché, shopping at op shops and even re-purposing clothes you already own.  The second talk I attended was called ‘Mysteriously Mesmerising: Writing Compelling Fiction’ which featured three writers (pictures below). I’ve just recently finished the first draft of my first YA Fantasy novel, and was so excited to hear about their experiences as authors and with publishing. The talk was so insightful and really inspired me to continue to write. The three authors told us about their different working and writing styles, how they became authors and gave us advice on how to overcome writer’s block.

A bit of a funny aside about Isobelle Carmody, I had to read her book ‘The Gathering‘ in year 8 English. During her talk with us she told us how the dreadful teacher in the book was inspired by her Science teacher in high school. The whole time I was reading the book all I could think was how the teacher in the book reminded me of my English teacher!


Overall I had an incredible time today at Oz Comic-Con,.There was so much to see and do, from the Justice League escape room, the anime lounge and the Star Wars area. But what truly made the day special was the fantastic community I’m counting down the days till it comes back to Sydney, see you guys next year!


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