Haul From Oz Comic-Con~

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m here with my haul post! I was actually surprised that I didn’t buy too much. There were some really awesome items that I was really tempted to get, for example one store was selling these glass poke ball terrariums. But since I’m getting ready to move back to home, I thought I might try to save some money. So in saying that, this ‘haul’ post will probably be very short. Also remember to check out my Facebook competition, it ends in 13 days!

Fan Art!

Cristina Jane Driver stickers.jpg

My first stop was the Artist Alley, and right at the end was Cristina Jane Driver’s store. She had a mixture of stickers, postcards and enamel earrings from series like Steven’s Universe, Mob Psycho and Sailor Moon. I was really REALLY tempted to buy the Reigen earrings that she had, but I held back. In the end I bought the sailor moon wand and Reigen stickers which were $2 each!

Yuri on Ice fan art haul.jpg


Yuri on Ice Bookmarks back.jpg

After my first purchase, I didn’t get very far until I stumbled across Hawberries’ shop. Her entire store was filled with gorgeous Yuri on Ice art! She also had some really adorable drawings of the Eeveelutions, but as you’ll see in the second part of my Japan haul post, I’ve already got too much Pokemon stuff >_<. I ended up buying a small print of Yuri and Viktor dancing ($5) plus the two bookmarks ($2/each). I’m absolutely in love with the bookmarks, at first I was just gonna get Viktor/Yuri and then I saw the Yuri/Otabek one had cats and I died. Also the back of the bookmarks IS SO ADORABLE.

Moss Dolls print.jpg


My final art purchase was a print of a Moss Doll. The actual dolls are luxury toy designs all hand crafted. The artist told me that she was inspired by the idea that when we see moss we’re only seeing the heads of these adorable sweet creatures that live below. Each day she draws a new picture of a moss doll, she began in January and already has over 200 pictures in her diary. The print that I bought cost $10.


Alice in Wonderland Q Posket.jpg


Sailor Mercury Q Posket.jpg

I’m a little bit torn about how to feel about my figurine purchase. When I was in Japan I found this series called Q Posket, which does these really cute figurines of different characters. I bought the Ariel and Rapunzel one while I was over there and was thinking of completing my Disney collection. So when I saw this store selling the Alice one for $35, and the Sailor Mercury mini one for $15, I quickly bought them!

However, when I went home I was unpacking my Alice one and noticed that while the boxes had the Banpresto branding, the actual figurines don’t. Unlike my Ariel and Rapunzel one, Alice doesn’t have Banpresto & Disney engraved on the bottom, all it has is ‘made in China’. Also the Sailor Mercury one doesn’t look anything like the picture, she kind of looks drunk! So while I’m happy to have the Alice figurine, and I should have known it was fake (since it was so cheap), I do feel a bit ripped off, especially with Sailor Mercury. There were a few stores that I could see selling fake merchandise, for example one store was selling these massive $30 mystery bags and I could tell that the items were fakes because the character’s names weren’t spelt right or even the show’s name wasn’t spelt correctly!

Definitely had a lot of fun at Oz Comic Con with all the shopping. There were so many incredibly talented artists, so the artist alley was my favourite shopping area. I’m a tad disappointed about the figurines (if they are fake), but that’s entirely my fault. I should have done more research, and not been fooled by the crazy cheap price.


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