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We The Girls + (Shall We Date) ~ First Impressions

‘We the Girls+ : I’ll Make You Mine’ is Shall We Date’s latest mobile otome game. The game is the first time in which players can choose to play as a different girl! The game seems to be very similar to the older Shall We Date game mechanics. The game is played in portrait mode, with an almost website like interface. I actually really prefer the interface in Lost Alice and Modern Cinderella, but maybe other fans complained about it. The game is currently available on both Apple and Android devices.

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The Story

We the girls I'll make your mind.jpg

In Fairy Tale land the princesses are growing bored of their mundane happiness. (Un)fortunately, just as they’re at their wits end, a magical hurricane comes and blows away all the gorgeous princes to the ‘real world’. They rush to the fairy godmother and beg her for help, the fairy godmother tells all of you the only way you can save the princes is by going to the real world and making them fall in love with you. Everyone is scared, but agrees to go to help their true love!

Quick Thoughts

I think this game could shape up to be a really fun story. I was leaning towards choosing Snow White, but ended up choosing The Little Mermaid as her story looked a bit better. The pictures below show the characters with a very ‘anime’ design, but when you play the game they look a lot more realistic. I think I would have preferred the anime style. As mentioned above I’m not too happy about the old interface, I much prefer games to be horizontal. I’ll still give this a go, and may write up a walkthrough as I go through Sirena Gills route~

The Girls

Currently 3 routes are available following the stories of The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Aladdin. Rapunzel is listed as coming soon, and if other Shall We Date games are anything to go by, we can hope for many other stories to come!

We the girls I'll make you mine Sirena Gills.PNG

We the Girls I'll make your mine Blanche Rouge.PNG

We the girls I'll make you mine Yazmin Garcia.PNG

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