My Dream Convention~!

One of the best parts of ‘geek life’ is all the incredible conventions that one can attend. Conventions are fantastic opportunities to meet others with the same interests, meet some of the stars of your fandom, and (best of all) buy all the merch! Some conventions can be super specific for only one fandom e.g. Walker Stalker Con for The Walking Dead.  Others are really general like Supernova or Oz Comic Con which have a mixture of everything. There are also some like MadFest and Smash! which focus purely on anime. I’ve been attending conventions on and off since I was 15/16, and every timed had an amazing experience.

Guests & Talks

‘Yuri on Ice’ Mangaka Mitsurou Kubo and Director Sayo Yamamoto.

The first guests that I would love to see are Mitsurou Kubo & Says Yamamoto, the duo behind the ‘Yuri on Ice’ sensation. It would be incredible to see them in person and hear about their inspiration behind YOI. It’s be interesting to hear their take on the anime/manga industry and representation of LGBTIQ people in it. I’d also love to ask them if they have any future plans for YOI 😛

I’d also love some Otome companies to come and visit. I know a lot of the American conventions get behind translation companies like Aksys come. Unfortunately the trip out to Aus is a little bit too long, so they never come out. On top of big name Otome companies like NTT Solamare, I’d also love to hear from Indie developers. I really enjoyed talking to Celianna in my interview with her, and it would be awesome to hear from more up and coming developers! Talks could include basics such as how to begin making an otome game to how to publish and market it!

Oz Comic Con 2017 author talk
Authors (left to right): Marianne de Pierres, Isobelle Carmody and Kylie Chan

As mentioned when I did my Oz Comic Con post, I’m currently working on a novel. As such I’d love to meet different authors, and more importantly, hear about their journey.  I’d love talks about how to create multi-dimensional characters, prepare your book for publication and drafting a pitch.

Artist Alley

An Artist Alley is essential to an convention. For my dream con, I’d love to have a larger Artist Alley, rather than just a bunch of tables squashed together, something a bit more spread out where artists can truly showcase their work. I’d also love to see diversity in different art forms. Not everything has to be fan art (while that is fantastic!) I’d love to see people selling original items like when I met the seller who sold Moss Dolls! On top of fan art I’d love to see unique & original creative goods.



Whenever I go to a con I know I need to set a budget otherwise I would break the bank! One thing I have noticed with Cons is that sometimes it’s like the same items are being sold in every store. I’d like to see some more diversity or even stores that sell things from niche series. For example I thought that Fire Emblem was a big-ish game, I’ve never seen any merchandise for it at any convention. For Mystic Messenger, I didn’t see anything either, only 2 pictures in Artist Alley one time. I’d also like all the sellers to be verified as selling original goods, I’m still super sour about accidentally buying the Q Posket knock offs last weekend. I reckon every seller should be verified!

What kind of convention would be your dream convention? Let me know in the comments~

Thank you again to the Eventbrite team for contacting me. I had a lot of fun writing this post. I used Eventbrite to plan events a lot while I was the president of a society in my Undergraduate program. It’s very easy to use, and events can quickly and easily be shared. Next time you have an event you’re planning consider using Eventbrite – it’s free!

5 thoughts on “My Dream Convention~!

  1. Honestly the con I went to this year, Animecon, was already my dream convention. It was terrific, great things to do, awesome merchandise, great food and wonderful people. Really could not have asked for anything more 😀

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  2. I didn’t realise you also lived in Australia!

    I’ve never been to any cons, but I’d like to get the chance to go one day. Even though Australian cons are probably never going to get the numbers or the same high-profile guests as locations with higher population, it still seems like it would be a fun time to hang out with people with similar interests!

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    1. Ooh yay! Another Australian aniblogger. I’m currently living in Melbourne but will be moving back to Sydney at the end of next month ^o^!

      Yeah definitely, I always get so jealous when San Diego comic con comes round and like all the stars of the latest Marvel movie are there! I know for the Madman Festival coming to Melbourne in November they’ve got the director of Cowboy Bebop coming which should be fun! But yeah being in a con with the community is definitely the funnest part 🙂

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