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Mandrake Boys (Saibai Shounen) ~ Gardening with Pretty Boys!

Mandrake Boys is a newly translated game from Supertree and Owlogue. The game is available in Japanese and Korean, and fans were previously using VPNs or navigating the language to play. The game is a simple taping game that works within real time. Mandrake boys markets itself as “a game that cures the most exhausted of souls!” and darn it if my soul isn’t exhausted. So with my weary heart, i decided to try out playing as a gardener of a magical garden filled with pretty boys.

Mandrake Boys Hotensia.jpg

The game opens wiht Mr Hotensia introducing you to the garden and then you’re pretty much left alone to plant. The mechanics of the game is super simple, you’re given some LQ Seeds (low quality seeds ;_;)  to plant for free. As mentioned above, the seeds grow in real time which can range anywhere from 5 seconds to 6 hours. Once the seeds have matured to a full mandrake you just tap to pull them out. There are so many different ‘types’ of seeds like vampire seeds, prince seeds, devil seeds etc. Each ‘type’ has 3 key characters with different costume variations you can see. Once you pluck out a new character you can discover new stories and even unlock illustrations.

Mandrake Boys garden rare mandrake.jpg
Red flowers are normal mandrake, pink flowers are rare!

Once you pluck enough of one type of mandrake you can become the master of that one. Becoming the master gives you a higher chance of plucking rare mandrakes which are usually variations of that mandrake. For example, I have a police officer mandrake and his rare variations include him holding his baton and him wearing summer clothes. There’s 434 Mandrakes to collect, which range from 1-star to 4-star and ‘mixed’. ‘Mixed’ mandrakes are created via the lab, which is unlocked after getting 1 illustration. Each day you get free potions which you can use on Mandrakes you unlock new variations.

Mandrake Boys Kado Doran.jpg

The absolute best part of Mandrake boys is after all your hard work, you unlock an illustration. Illustrations range from being super cute to a little more…huhu~ There’s 126 illustrations to collect! The game also has a friend system where you can connect with other players, give each other watering cans (which reduce growth time) and help them with their adventures. Again, adventures are done in real time. You pay using gold coins you have. You gain one gold coin for every mandrake you grow. On adventures you can get stories and illustrations. My username is twohappycats if anyone wants to add me~

Mandrake Boys adventures.jpg

I am absolutely in love with Mandrake boys. I’ve had the app for about a week and already have unlocked nearly 50 mandrakes. The game is so relaxing and can be played anytime anywhere. I tend to check on it while I’m watching TV. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, I would not have expected that a free game like this would have such high quality images. Mandrake boys is available for both android and apple. For those who would rather be growing adorable girls, never fear there is a mandrake girls game for android and apple too!

Get 100 Free Stars!

If you decide to download Mandrake Boys (and would like to help me out +get a present for yourself), follow the steps below and enter my username twohappycats as a referral. We’ll both get 100 free stars!

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11 thoughts on “Mandrake Boys (Saibai Shounen) ~ Gardening with Pretty Boys!

    1. Hiya it can be played completely for free!

      The only issue would be in collecting ‘stars’ to get higher rating seeds. You can pay for stars, but you don’t have to. As stars can easily be collected by watching ads, going on adventures or fulfilling tap joy requests. I collected about 1000 stars after fulfilling 2 tap joy requests 🙂


  1. If I were to play my first translated game right now, if pick this one. It sounds great. Unfortunately my device is maxed out on available space because of my homescapes obsession. I’ll keep mandrake boys in mind though! You made it sound great!

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    1. Thank you :D! I hope you get the chance to play it soon, it really is fun and relaxing. When you do, you can friend me on it and we can help each other out ^_^!


  2. There are not many illustrations compared to the mandrakes. Does that mean that not all the characters get illustrations? only a select few? Will they change this? I really wanted an illustration of Bell Pepper. Doesn’t have to be the Beach Bell even, is enough with a regular one

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    1. Hiya! So for each Mandrake set there are 3 available picture, however each mandrake set can have more than 3 characters, so unfortunately yes, not all characters get a picture. It’s a bit strange with Bell because the app icon (the shirtless red hair guy) looks like him but there isn’t a picture available for him. He may become available during an event or something. Hope this helps 🙂


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