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Cinderella TV – My Million Dollar Boyfriend ~ First Impressions

‘Cinderella TV’ is Arithmetic Inc’s latest mobile otome game. Arithmetic is quite a famous otome company producing games such as ‘once upon a fairy tale love’, ‘several shades of sadism’ and ‘seven hotties all my husband’.  In the game you play as an ordinary office worker with dreams of being a fashion designer. You’ve been invited to participate on a reality tv show called ‘Cinderella TV’, in which, over the course of a 100 days you will date 3 gorgeous successful men. At the end of the 100 days you can choose one of them to marry you. Sounds like an absolute dream right?

Cinderella TV Leon.jpg

The three guys introduced are Leon, Clive and Yuma. Leon is a hot headed CEO of a top company, Clive is a suave and cool sponsor of the show and Yuma is a sweet fashion designer. There’s also a host of other guys who will no doubt be available in later updates. Currently only Leon and Yuma’s routes are available. At the moment, all the guys do seem to be your cliche otome types. There isn’t anything that makes them particularly stand out.

Cinderella TV Clive.jpg

The game follows Arithmetic’s typical style – there’s a dress up game, point scoring, gatcha etc. I’m not entirely keen on the layout, it seems like I’m clicking through a website, and it can get very confusing. For example I went to collect some free story tickets and hit the back button, but the game didn’t recognise that I had already collected the tickets. It took me a while to finally get back to the story. In terms of display, I’m playing the game on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and  there’s this awful black patch that takes up part of the screen. I’ve cropped it out in the above pictures, but you can check it out below. It just looks really odd, I’m unsure if this is an issue with my phone or a design issue.

Cinderella Tv Yuma.png

Currently, I’m not completely sold on Cinderella TV. It doesn’t seem to be anything unique or interesting, and just the same regurgitated ‘let’s date celebrities’ romance. The guys’ design is gorgeous, and the translations are fantastic. I’m just really sick of games with a nobody heroine and some good looking famous guys. I’m also not a big fan of the interface and can see myself getting frustrated by it pretty quickly. I did choose to go with Yuma’s route, so I will play it for a few days and see how I go.

TV Cinderella Yuma info.jpg