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Eoleunnalaui Alice (Alice in Adultland) – Webtoon Review

Engineering student Geonwoo is given an unfortunate dare by his so-called ‘friends’. The two of them dare no-experience Geonwoo to go into an Adult Shop and buy something. Geonwoo is absolutely mortified – but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! Once he finally musters up the courage to enter the store he’s greeted by drop-dead-gorgeous Yuan. It’s love at first sight for Geonwoo – but how can he learn more about Yuan? It’s simple really, All Geonwoo has to do is keep visiting the Adult Toy Shop! Eoleunnalaui Alice, in English known as ‘Alice in Adultland’, is a Boys Love webtoon written by Gorebyeol. Currently 24 chapters out of 32 chapters have been translated, and lemme tell you, each one is cuter than the last!

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‘Alice in Adultland’ is the kind of series you look forward to reading after a long and hard day at work. The characters are straight-forward, the plot is simple and overall it just gives off that pure and ‘fluffy’ feeling. The series is one of the few BL series that I’ve found that integrates comedy and romance well, and I do often find myself giggling at how the situations Geonwoo gets himself into. That’s not to say that this series doesn’t include a bit of intrigue! There’s some fun mystery around certain characters that keeps the audience on their toes.

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While I am enjoying the series there are some minor issues with it. The jump of Yuan and Geonwoo’s relationship from friends to lovers is very jarring. There’s about 20 chapters of Geonwoo working towards moving from acquittance to friend and then suddenly one chapter later they’re lovers! It threw me off the pace of the story a bit, and the situation it was done in (without spoiling too much) was a little cliche. My other issue is a very minor one, but I find the irises of the eyes on the character’s side profiles a bit too thin. Yes, I know! This is such a minor detail, but for me it makes it look like the characters have snake eyes, even just one extra line to make it thicker, would look a tad better.

Eoleunnalaui Alice Alice in Adultland hair

Overall, I’m having a lot of fun reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It’s a nice simple and sweet story to read. There isn’t any convoluted drama, and it manages to avoid (some) of the cliches of the yaoi and boys love genre. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this series, and I can’t wait to see how Geonwoo and Yuan’s relationship continues to develop 7/10

Just to end this review, I wanted to post another picture of Yuan. Ahh he’s so gorgeous, I’m jealous of Geonwoo (T_T)!

Alice in Adultland Yuan Hyung.jpg
I want to see you all the time Yuan~



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