Mischief To Couple Review ~ Let’s Break Up Happy Couples!

‘Mischief to Couple’ is a rather unique mobile tapping game from UeharaLabo. The game introduces us to a ‘wizard’ – a man who has had no romantic/sexual experiences by 30 years old. All around him are happy couples on merry dates, flirting with one another and giggling. Just as he’s wallowing in despair a strange god-like figure appears before him. The bald man gives our protagonist the ability to break up couples in unique and crazy ways. The game is available for both apple and android phones!

Mischief to Couple game.png

The mechanics of the game are very simple. You ‘tap’ on happy couples to gain points, and if you can tap on multiple couples close together, you get bonus points. After destroying a couple’s happiness, you receive one ‘fairy’. Collecting all the faeries gives your protagonist the chance to have one wish fulfilled! Currently the game has 10 stages you can work through, but the developers have promised more. The game has three endings, but it doesn’t take too long to go through one play through. I’m currently up to the final stage of my first play through after 3 days. But I can anticipate going through all the stages a second and third time will get a tad boring and tedious.

Mischief to Couple before.jpg

Mischief to Couple after.jpg

I gotta admit, I really did fall in love with this game. It’s just so silly and crazy – the perfect relaxing game, when you don’t want to think about assignments or work. The CGs you get never fail to make me laugh.  I love how each ‘stage’ manages to speak to the bitter single soul inside of me. For example one stage has couples are flirting in public and another couples sharing their happiness of social media. I could feel the angst of our poor protagonist! I didn’t find there to be any issues with the translation, although I could have missed it as I was laughing so hard. Definitely a great game 8.5/10

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