Juuni Taisen Episodes 2-4 ~ Everybody Clap Your Hands!

Juuni Taisen, or as I like to call it ‘Fruits Basket on Steroids’, has been one hell of a ride. The first episode introduced us to 12 individuals, representing the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, who are forced into a killing game. Each participant has swallowed a poison ‘gem’. To win the game, one must collect everyone else’s gem – how you ask? I’ll leave that to your imagination. In the first episode two characters have already met their demise, let’s see what’s happened in the last 3 episodes! Random note: I can’t remember anybody’s names so I’m just gonna with nicknames based on their animals.

Juuni Taisen chicken.jpg
Don’t complain about Chicken’s nickname (Chick) I was going to go with another nickname beginning with Co, and decided against it! 

Episode 2 introduced us to Woof-Woof who thought he was the ‘top dog’. His initial plan was to hide out until the end, waiting for the rest of the competitors to kill each other off. However he’s found by Chick who is keen to form an alliance. Woof-Woof is skeptical at first but after hearing about Bunny Boy and his squad of the undead, he agrees. He has nothing to loose – after all what can this sweet weak girl do against Woof-Woof? Chick uses her ability to communicate with birds to communicate with Bunny Boy. Woof-Woof decides to ‘poison’ Chick with a special venom that can increase her strength. Bad choice Woof-Woof! Chick was waiting for that all along, and Woof-Woof is sent to the dog house – that is she squashed is skull.

Juuni Taisen Monkey.jpg

Later, Chick bumps into Rattata at a convenience store. Rattatta takes her to Monkey Girl and promptly goes to sleep. Chick and Monkey Girl talk a bit about Monkey Girl’s plan to save everyone. Chick initially plans on betraying the duo, but can’t. Apparently Woof-Woof’s venom not only heightened her physical strength but also her mental, for some reason she’s become kinder? Too bad it only activated now! Anywho Chick decides to leave cause she’s have a crisis of conscious, she runs into Milky-The-Cow-Boy who has supposedly just finished killing the Horse. Chick decides to fight Milky, but it doesn’t go her way and she dies. Episode 4 mainly focused on Rattata and Monkey Girl talking about the ethics of killing and saving people. Their kicked out of their hiding place as Bunny Boy has control of Chick’s birds. Next episode will feature an epic battle – Rattata + Monkey Girl vs. Bunny Boy’s thicc thighs.

Juuni Taisen Rabbit

Juuni Taisen isn’t made to be a series that makes you question life or the universe. It’s just a fun strange series you watch to chill out. To put it plainly, it’s like going to a fast food place – you know what you’re going to get, you enjoy it, but you don’t expect a fine dining experience. The characters are interesting, the fighting animation is pretty great and overall the story is intriguing. My major issue with the series is that almost every character who has their backstory explained dies. I’d rather be watching the series in suspense of who’s gonna die next, rather than seeing the opening scene and be like “oh great, it’s probably gonna be this person”. But, like I said, it’s a fun watch 7/10

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