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The Princes of the Night ~ Otome First Impressions

‘The Princes of the Night’ is Ciagram’s latest mobile otome game. The company has previously released games such as ‘Princess Closet’ and  ‘A Slick Romance’ , Princess Closet in particular was very popular with Otome fans with over a million downloads. With The Princes of the Night, players receive 5 tickets per day and have the chance to get 2 bonus tickets by watching 6 ads. Currently three routes are released, the length of their routes and number of potential endings differ, which I will discuss below.

Update: Why you don’t need a walkthrough for this game! 

The Princes of the Night prologue Klaus Dracula.jpg

The game introduces us to a remote European village in turmoil. Several young women have been found murdered with no clues as to who the assailant is. The village’s guardian, Klaus von Dracula is eager to find the vampire responsible for the attacks, with the help of his assistant Ewan. Following the same tracks is Gerald Van Helsing, an academic with a deep hatred for vampires after the death of his sister. You and your sister May live in this village, and unfortunately your sister becomes the next victim. Which handsome man will you enlist to help track down the killer?

As I mentioned above there are three characters currently available, but I have no doubt Ciagram will add more. The first is Klaus von Dracula, a silent but watchful guardian to the village. His route has 15 chapters and five potential endings – normal, happy, super happy and two bad endings. Ewan is Klaus’ loyal and adorable servant, his story has 10 chapters with a normal, happy and super happy ending. Last, but certainly not least, is Van Helsing, whose story also has 10 chapters but with a normal, happy and bad ending. Klaus’ story has 4 images you can collect, Ewan’s 2 and Van Helsing’s 1.


The Princes of the night otome Klaus von Dracula.jpg

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The Princes of the night otome Gerald Van helsing.jpg

I haven’t played any of Ciagram’s games before, so I’m not quite sure what to expect. I originally started off with Klaus’ route, but after 7 chapters switched to Van Helsing. I’m pretty impressed that the app seems to bookmark your progress, so when I do go back to Klaus, I won’t need to waste tickets on those 7 chapters. The graphics are quite nice, although I am a little hesitant about Van Helsing’s super gloomy appearance. Again, I’m hoping to write a walkthrough up for this series, I will see how I go. I always have the best intentions with writing up walkthroughs, but at times the story gets so blah, I can’t bear to continue on. So fingers crossed for this game!

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