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Office Lover [New] ~ Otome Game Comes Back to Life!

In August 2017, Okko, a big mobile otome company deleted a bunch of their apps. These apps included Office Lover, Arabian Nights and Sweet Scandal – much to the dismay of fans. Thankfully, Okko has re-released one of these games, Office Lover. The game has been improved with new graphics and more dialogue options for players. The series introduces you as a secretary for a big fashion company, you get the choice of either working under a famous designer or marketing manager. I hadn’t played the original Office Lover, so I can’t really offer a comparison.

The game is pretty easy to play, there is no dress up options (thankfully) all you gotta do is read the story and choose options. The game is free – and here is where the kicker comes – each day you can only read about 30 lines of dialogue/ story. That’s right, 30 lines. Thankfully, at the beginning you’re given about 5000 points, which translates to about 500 lines of dialogue, so you can probably get through most of one route without it being too painful. Although after the initial gifted points runs out, I can imagine it being torturous to wait to get to another chapter.

For my play through I’ve chosen to go with Omi Kitazawa, I’ve noticed that the route is different to the original (as it is new and improved), as such old walkthroughs can’t be used. So I’m planning to write up a walkthrough for Omi , I will try to do Henri too, but we’ll see how I go with the limited daily reading. Each route has 7 chapters, and you can receive additional CG besides the ending CG.

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The Guys

Omi Kitazawa Office Lover New.png

Office Lover Henri Shiraishi New.png


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    1. Hi, I decided not to do the walkthrough as firstly I didn’t enjoy the game as much as I thought I would and secondly I noticed a bunch of other bloggers had reworked their walkthroughs to fit the new game. Sorry for the confusion!


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