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Beauty Rental Shop ~ Toby Lowell Walkthrough

Beauty Rental Shop is the latest game by Day7. Day7 has released a number of fun and exciting otome games. Beauty Rental Shop follows a MC who is a witch and begins to use potions to alter her appearance and become beautiful. The game is divided into three components – tapping game, dress up and visual novel. To continue through the visual novel you must level up your character’s looks through a combination of the tapping game and dress up.

Toby   ——   Soren   ——   Lucian   ——   Kylar

Below is my guide for the visual novel component. Answer points are 1, 5 and 10, with 10 for the best answer. If you have a lot of points by the end of the game you will get the best ending, if you have a small amount of points, a normal ending 😦

Beauty rental shop day7 Toby Lowell

Toby’s route is the ‘cute’ route! There are 2 date pictures, and 1 special date picture to collect. There’s also two ending pictures and also a normal ending which may not have a picture. You have to go through 15 levels/ chapters until you get to the ending.  Toby is the MC’s best friend and her number 1 confidant.

I will be posting the pictures I unlock on my instagram account – you can follow me over here~

Walkthrough ~ All Answers 10 Points

  • Did you just say I’m insane?
  • You’re getting me worried
  • Lowell, you’re already too handsome
  • What’s wrong with calling my brother, a brother? (glares)
  • I’ve got something to say
  • Oh…no one’s better than Toby Lowell though!!
  • Wow…is that really possible?
  • What is it now?
  • I can’t do that…
  • It wasn’t you…right?
  • Well….don’t, if you don’t wanna!
  • No? I j, just wanted to have noodles too!

I achieved Ending 1 by getting all the right answers, all the date pictures (normal & special) and buying all the ‘cute’ outfits

I achieved Ending 2 by getting all the right answers & getting pictures from all the dates (normal & special)

 For normal dates if you want the picture you have to pay the cat for the elixir!


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13 thoughts on “Beauty Rental Shop ~ Toby Lowell Walkthrough

    1. Hiya, as mentioned in my post answers get points at either 1, 5 or 10. The answers with a 10 are the best answers, answers at 5 are ok answers and answers at 1 are the worst answers.

      I am writing which answers I choose as I go through and the corresponding points, I hope once I finish the route, I can go through it once more and finish the walkthrough with all 10 point answers.

      If you know any of the answers which will have 10 points that I have missed, please let me know 🙂 !


  1. Heyy, I can’t seem to get Ending 2. I’ve tried to get it over 5 times with you method and still can’t seem to get it. Any advice?

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    1. Hiya so for ending 2 you have to make sure the girl isn’t wearing any of the outfits – so she’s just wearing the school uniform and make sure there aren’t any affection buffers on 🙂


      1. Hello! I seem to be having the same problem as the person before me. I’ve tried taking off any article of clothing leaving only the schoolgirl outfit on. I don’t seem to have any affection buffers on either, but everytime I restart each character’s affect seems to be raised to 26% for some reason.


      2. For me I got it with all the good answers but without the date’s illustrations; I suppose this is why it’s not working for you ^^ (brase yourself, it’s tje sad ending)

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