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Beauty Rental Shop (Otome) ~ First Impressions

Beauty Rental Shop is the latest game by Day7. Day7 has released two other otome games which are Marked by King BS, Miss Detective’s Undercover Agency and Sleeping Delivery – all are incredibly popular games. Day7 games are becoming quite well known in the otome community for their impeccable designs, great romance and super adorable CGs. So when I saw on Twitter that Beauty Rental Shop was just released, I immediately downloaded it.

beauty rental shop day7 prologue.png

So what is Beauty Rental Shop about? The game introduces you to your MC, a witch who is described as quite ‘ugly’, even though witches are supposed to be very beautiful creatures. MC is bullied relentlessly by her classmates about her looks, she’s at wits end and will do anything to change herself. Her friend gives her a map to a mysterious shop, the owner is a beautiful witch who has been searching for her. MC has a special ability to see ingredients to potions and it just so happens the beautiful witch is looking for an assistant to help make beauty potions. If MC helps her, she can get unlimited potions!

Beauty Rental Shop Day7 Faces.png

The game works as a three part game. First, there’s a tapping section where you collect beauty points. Beauty points are spent on the dress up portion of the game, you can choose four different styled faces and clothes: sexy, pure, smart and cute. Once you’re all dolled up in the style the guy likes, you can then proceed to the third component – the visual novel. You can work your way through about 15 chapters to get your happily ever after.

Overall I am very impressed by the game, it looks like so much fun. I will be writing up walkthroughs for each of the routes. But please bear with me, it does take a while to write them up. I did say when I wrote up Modern Cinderella from Shall We Date that I would love an ugly MC, and was disappointed when the MC suddenly became pretty. I am hoping that with this game the MC may learn to embrace her own beauty, rather than take the route of  ‘gotta change yourself if you’re not perfect’.


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The Boys

Beauty Rental Shop Day7 Lucian Vasilis.jpg

Beauty Rental Shop Day7 Kylar Xander.jpg

Beauty rental shop day7 Toby Lowell.jpg

Beauty rental shop day7 Soren Rayne.jpg



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  1. Hello! I have a question. Do you have to play each route simultaneously or you can finished one route then continued to the next one. Because when I did Toby route after the first date it kind of spoil me about Kylar who I haven’t met yet but in the visual novel said I met him yesterday.

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