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My Bitter Sweet Romance (Otome) ~ Cino Walkthrough

I would say my usual intro of “My Bitter Sweet Romance is Genius Inc’s latest game”, but by the time I’ve worked out this walkthrough they’ve released two more games. So My Bitter Sweet romance is Genius Inc’s newish game. We play as a worker at a coffee shop who is suddenly introduced to four handsome brothers. The brothers are actually aliens from another planet who want to harvest some special coffee seeds – coffee is their life source. You decide to help them on their quest, and ultimately fall in love with one of them.

A super big thank you to my mum for helping me. I swear to the Otome gods I played Cino’s route like 6 times and kept getting the good ending. As I joke I got my mum to play through it and she got the best ending >_> .

Cino — RessoMocha — Ricano

If you’d like to buy my mum (or me) a coffee, it’d be much appreciated it, a lot of time and energy is spent on these walkthroughs. By donating to Two Happy Cats I an keep working on these walkthroughs.




An asterix (*) shows which options had a choice for rubies, I did not use any rubies to get the best ending.

  • You’re beautiful and intelligent too!
  • Maybe he’s right
  • Ignore him*
  • At least I’m not sunburned
  • Everyone needs more dancing in their life?
  • No, why would you say that?
  • She shouldn’t give him another chance
  • What was that for?
  • Ignore him, he is silly *
  • Yes, he made a stupid mistake
  • Red twirling dress
  • No
  • Hug me
  • No worries *
  • Fast forward zwzw
  • The mission is too important for distractions
  • Refuse him *
  • You’ll look silly
  • A cup of coffee
  • You’re really too much!
  • Hug me
  • Who cares? *
  • You’re selfish
  • Phone him
  • I’ve never seen him like this
  • Women always make better managers
  • Let me count it again for you
  • Never
  • Do nothing *
  • We need to confront him
  • Ice cream for both of us
  • He knows I care for Cino
  • No, I’m tired and upset *
  • To confirm if Mocha is Jody’s boyfriend
  • Yes, she was setting up Ricano
  • Read books
  • Heads to the toilet
  • Caught under cash register
  • No, I don’t want to listen *
  • A glass of wine
  • I’ve heard everything I want to hear
  • Yes
  • You two are so good together
  • He comes and dances with me
  • I think you should leave her alone
  • no *
  • Cino saved Elvira
  • Tries to hold me
  • no i don’t want to *
  • I already told them we won’t be entering
  • Kiss my neck
  • You’ll be the most beautiful woman in the contest
  • Stop it *
  • Who is this guy?
  • Another dance competitor?
  • Yes
  • Maybe he’s somewhere with no reception
  • Maybe he found a new girlfriend
  • Worry helps nothing
  • No I don’t want to *
  • A shadow in the darkness
  • He’s very caring
  • I thought I saw someone watching us
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Just put it back *
  • I read your lovely letter
  • Natural Caribbean pearl earrings
  • No, the contest is about to start *
  • I doubt you can dance better than that
  • Please! somebody catch him!
  • Well it’s over now


My Bitter Sweet Romance Cino Otome.png

Cino’s story has so much going on, it’ll be hard to summarise it here, but I’ll do my best. For most of the story you have to balance your affections for Cino, while trying to tell Resso you aren’t interested in him. On top of this Cino is very flirty with other women and is at odds with your serious personality. The relationship is very strained, and there are so many competing demands – from finding the coffee plants to the dance competition Cino entered you two in. The story comes to a climax when your room mate’s crazy ex boyfriend stabs Cino. You realise how much you love him and can’t bear to be away from him.

In the Good Ending you return to Cino’s home planet with him. There you realise he already has three wives! You cry to Resso who agrees to take you back home to earth.

In the Happy Ending Cino agrees to stay on Earth with you. The two of you go on a date to the theme park and have a lovely time. It’s a proper happy ending.

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