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Love 365: Find Your Love Story ~ Voltage Inc.

‘Love 365’ is a super exciting new app by Voltage Inc. The app essentially works as a massive library for all the Voltage Inc apps, so you don’t need to have 20 apps installed on your phone. Everything is in one place. You can transfer your previously saved / purchased data. The app is particularly important as Voltage will be phasing out updates to their apps, updates will only be done through this big app.

Currently the app has five games on it, two of which are new stories (discussed below). The tree older games are ‘Era of Samurai: Code of Love’, ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ and ‘After School Afffairs’. The app also has a number of exciting features. First up, there’s a ‘schedule’ section where you can see up to three weeks in advance of any Voltage releases. Secondly, you can purchase a monthly pass for about $12, where you can save 3 stories and get access to a special VIP Room.

On top of this, Voltage has release two new games – When Destiny Comes Knocking and Rose in the Embers. However, just like most Voltage Inc. games these games are not free and must be paid for. Stories cost about $6.

Rose in the Embers

Voltage Inc Rose in the Embers.png

Rose in the Embers is set in the time of Imperial Japan. You play as a young woman who has gone to the big city in search of work. You have been bought by a high class inn, however it seems that the mistress of the inn expects you to do more than work – she tries to sell your body to some customers. Thankfully four handsome men come to your rescue,.  These are the men whose stories you can follow – the rich nobleman: Kyosuke, the soldier: Takahisa, the artist: Misao and the author: Tsukumo.

When Destiny Comes Knocking

When Destiny Comes Knocking Voltage 365 otome.jpg

You’ve recently moved into your dream apartment, all that’s left in your life is to get a great boyfriend! There’s a shrine just outside that specialises in romance, after saying a quick prayer you go to a nearby cafe with friends. After your friends leave, the incredible happens! Five different but equally handsome guys are all vying for your attention! Currently an ‘in demand’ route is available for free, but besides that like the previous game you have to pay for your favourite guy.


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