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Chocolate Confession ~ An Otome Game Sweet As Candy!

Chocolate Confession is an internet otome game by Visuki. Visuki is an otome company which has mainly produced games in Spanish, Chocolate Confession is their first game which has been translated into English. I hope the company continues to translate their games into English. Chocolate Confession was a really adorable game and I’d love to play some more of their games. The company also offers VisuBoxes, which are kinda like monthly surprise boxes filled with goodies from their games! There’s game tutorials, exclusive drawings and wallpapers. As Visuki offers tutorials for their games as part of a paid package, and they release their games for free, I will not be writing a tutorial for this game.

Chocolate Confession otome.jpg

As mentioned above, Chocolate Confession is a web-based game, so you don’t need to download an app for it. I had trouble playing the game on safari, so I recommend using Google chrome to play it. All you have to do to play the game is create an account with Visuki with your email address. The game is set a few days before Valentine’s Day, our protagonist is freaking out, how to ask her long-time crush and childhood friend, Cloud, out. She’s teased by another childhood friend, Darius. The game then goes to Valentine’s day and the choices you make before and during the date influence who you have a romantic ending with, or if you stay forever alone.

Visuki Chocolate Confession Darius

The game is very short, in less than an hour I finished the two good endings and found two bad endings. However, it is still quite enjoyable, both Cloud and Darius have interesting characters and the MC is quite sweet. Both available CG pictures (one of which is pictured above) are very pretty. I did notice with Darius’ good ending the text-box doesn’t go down so you can take a screenshot ,whereas for Cloud’s the game ends with a big text-box free CG. Playing the game is pretty easy, there’s less than 10 questions that pop up with 2-3 possible answers. There’s also a handy skip feature if you’ve played the route before, however to access skip you have to go to the menu and then click it, and then go back to the menu and unclick it when you want to read. There wasn’t a keyboard short cut.

Overal I really did enjoy this game. It was a short and sweet read, that brightened up my day. As mentioned above, I hope that Visuki continues to translate their games, their games look very promising with interesting characters and adorable graphics. Make sure to give ‘Chocolate Confession’ a try!


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