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Beauty Rental Shop ~ Soren Rayne Walkthrough

Beauty Rental Shop is the latest otome game by Day7. The game introduces us to an MC who is an ‘ugly’ witch who stumbles across a peculiar shop. The shop allows the witch to transform her face as long as the witch works for the shop. Since the witch has been bullied and shunned all her life, she’s excited to find a place where she can belong. There are four routes in the store.

Toby   ——   Soren   ——   Lucian   ——   Kylar

Soren’s route is the ‘smart’ route! Just like the other routes, there are 2 date pictures, and 1 special date picture to collect. There’s also two ending pictures and also a normal ending which does not have a picture. You have to go through 15 levels/ chapters until you get to the ending.  Soren is the guardian of a nearby forrest who befriends the MC after she begins working at the shop.

Beauty rental shop day7 Soren Rayne

I will be posting the pictures I unlock on my instagram account – you can follow me over here~

Walkthrough ~ 10 Point Answers

  • …Yes. I was! I’ll take your apology
  • …Ah! It’s getting late!
  • Why are you dying to see me again?
  • No? I do have it. What I want…
  • Are you really tired?
  • What a distress…it’s so unfair
  • Hehe. Did you get tricked this time?
  • How can I leave some who’s sick!?
  • Do you know how worried I was…?
  • I shouldn’t urge you this time, right?
  • You know how much I waited?
  • Is that true? Really…!?

I achieved Ending 1 by getting all the right answers, all the date pictures (normal & special) and buying all the ‘smart’ outfits

I achieved Ending 2 by getting all the right answers & getting pictures from all the dates (normal & special)

For normal dates if you want the picture you have to pay the cat for the elixir!


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10 thoughts on “Beauty Rental Shop ~ Soren Rayne Walkthrough

  1. Hey!! I love your walkthough, thanks a lot for it nwn. I have a question…how do I get the normal ending? I already got Ending 1 and 2, but I have no clue of what to do to get that one :c

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    1. Hiya, thank you :)!! So to get normal ending you have to make sure that the clothes are unequipped, so the MC is just wearing the school uniform & don’t participate in any of the dates 🙂


      1. how about the ending 2? i don’t get it do i just need to wear the clothes? but my clothes have +40 likes:( do i still need to wear it. and lastly even though i remove everything like, like buff and the dress it still have 26 percent likes in their routes 😦


      2. So with ending 2, you have to take the clothes off and only attend the date (get the pictures) + all the correct answers. The 26% might be from your answers to the questions.


  2. Thank you very much for the guide)) it was VERY helpful
    Can you tell me please, how can I get second ending?:c I have tried for 4(!) times. I took off my smart clothes, took off present clothes, I have a 70% with clothes and 70% without and nothing works :C


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