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Beauty Rental Shop ~ Kylar Xander Walkthrough

Day7 has recently released a new mobile otome game called ‘Beauty Rental Shop’. The MC is the game is a witch who has been bullied all her life for being ugly. One day she stumbles across a shop which creates potions to change faces. The owner of the shop sees that MC has a special power and proposes a unique offer. MC can have as many faces as she likes, if she works at the shop. The MC quickly agrees and begins her new life.

Toby   ——   Soren   ——   Lucian   ——   Kylar

Kylar’s route is the ‘sexy’ route. Just like the previous two routes, there are 2 date pictures, and 1 special date picture to collect. There’s also two ending pictures, as well as a normal ending which does not have a picture. You have to go through 15 levels/ chapters until you get to the ending. Kylar is the younger brother of Scarlet, the witch whose shop you are working at.

Beauty Rental Shop Day7 Kylar Xander

I will be posting the pictures I unlock on my instagram account – you can follow me over here~


  • Wow…it’s my first time seeing one
  • Do I…look like I’d like milk?
  • What are you think every time you watch me sleeping?
  • Hey…you didn’t fool me around, did you?
  • What about it…isn’t that cool…?
  • I’m going alone
  • I think I’ll get a nightmare tonight because of you
  • Oh you know~ You wanna know?
  • Thank you for your warm heart, but no ❤
  • I…didn’t…
  • Then….would now be previous for Kylar, too?
  • Why are you running away…Don’t go

I achieved Ending 1 by getting all the right answers, all the date pictures (normal & special) and buying all the ‘sexy’ outfits

I achieved Ending 2 by getting all the right answers & getting pictures from all the dates (normal & special)

For normal dates if you want the picture you have to pay the cat for the elixir!


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    1. Hi there, for Lucian’s second ending you need to get all the correct answers and unlock all the pictures. If you’ve bought the outfits, make sure to un-equip them and only wear the school uniform. Hope this helps 🙂


  1. What is the name of the melody at the home page of the game? The melody you heard once you open the game.


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