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Beauty Rental Shop ~ Lucian Vasilis Walkthrough

A new otome game called ‘Beauty Rental Shop’ has been released by Day7. The game introduces us to a Witch MC who has been bullied at school for her appearance. One day she comes across a mysterious shop – the Beauty Rental Shop. The owner agrees to let her use as many ‘faces’ as possible, as long as she works there. While working there, the MC also falls in love with one of four handsome guys.

Toby   ——   Soren   ——   Lucian   ——   Kylar

Lucian’s route is the ‘pure’ route. Just like the previousroutes, there are 2 date pictures, and 1 special date picture to collect. There’s also two ending pictures, as well as a normal ending which does not have a picture. You have to go through 15 levels/ chapters until you get to the ending. Lucian is a random guy that shows up at the shop one day and who slowly works his way into MC’s life.

Beauty Rental Shop Day7 Lucian Vasilis

I will be posting the pictures I unlock on my instagram account – you can follow me over here~


  • Miss you? But I don’t know you.
  • Me knowing you, is hitting on you?
  • It’s not weird things but truth…
  • But I’m busy…
  • Why are YOU mister, fooling me around?
  • You’ve earned those stern reactions
  • Too late. Just give it back
  • How could you be so mean…?
  • …Dummy!
  • …You really say thank you easily now
  • And you’ve gotten more handsome
  • What, can’t I look at you?

I achieved Ending 1 by getting all the right answers, all the date pictures (normal & special) and buying all the ‘pure’ outfits

I achieved Ending 2 by getting all the right answers & getting pictures from all the dates (normal & special)

For normal dates if you want the picture you have to pay the cat for the elixir!


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21 thoughts on “Beauty Rental Shop ~ Lucian Vasilis Walkthrough

  1. Hii! Thanks a lot for your walkthrough of this game it helps me a lot 😀
    Could you up the images which you get please? I´d love see it ♥ and I don´t have time to get the diamonds to pass the complete game…I only get all girls and the normal ending…
    Well…do it if you want of course 😀
    Thanks a loooooot!!

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    1. Hi there, my original plan with the game was to get all the images and upload it to instagram. However I don’t have enough time to watch all the ads for the diamonds. However, I have uploaded some pictures to my instagram account (which is linked in the post).


      1. if you want to gather some gems you can go to free charging:) i did that, actually it’s very easy and i got all the picture, dress and even have the happy ending. You don’t need to complete the instruction ,if you still didnt receive it send a request then make sure you give your right email 🙂 just respond to their msgs. that you didn’t receive your gemsblah blah blah. then after that they’ll msg you again that they give the gems now and go back to free charging, check if they already rewarded you and if you see it just go back to the game and tadah! you have it 🙂


  2. how will i get the normal ending and ending 1? I bought the 40+ like dress and even the clothes for the boys, i already take them off but still it has a like buff and a 26 percet likes to their story:( how can i remove that 😦 i want to see the normal and end1 😦 pls do reply


    1. I achieved Ending 1 by getting all the right answers, all the date pictures (normal & special) and buying and wearing all the ‘pure’ outfits. Normal ending you only need to answer questions correctly no pictures and no outfits. I’m not quite sure how to remove the like buff :/


  3. I actualy tried what @mochi said and it didn’t work ;; just headed me to the websites but didn’t obtain the gems ;; i’m afraid i migh have to spend money to get all the endings… The only reason i can think that it didn’t work for me is bc i don’t gave my google account linked?? what do you think?? it’s pretty impossible to get all the endings watching the vids for free gems right??

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    1. Hiya, hmm that’s really odd, I’m not quite sure why that isn’t working you might have to contact Tap Joy. You can definitely watch the vids to get the gems for all the endings, it’ll just take a super long time.


    1. Hiya! Ending 2 is achieved by getting all the right answers & getting pictures from all the dates (normal & special), but do not wear any of the clothing only the school uniform!


      1. I was trying to get ending 2, but it doesn’t work Q___Q I’ve got normal ending once and try what you were saying and I always end up with ending 1, what to do now?

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      2. Hi there, did you buy all the outfits? If you’ve bought the outfits you can’t get ending 2, as I believe buying the outfits gives you a ‘affection buffer’ which cannot be removed, and as such you won’t have the lower amount of affection to get ending 2.


      3. You can get the ending 2 even if you buy the outfits, you only have to get all the dates, avoid getting the right answers and wear the school uniform.

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