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Spinner of Tales Walkthrough & Endings ~ Lost Alice

Shall We Date has released their latest route for Lost Alice – The Spinner of Tales. It seems the route was meant to come out in about 6 hours time, but for whatever reason has been released extra early – though I’m not complaining. The Spinner marks the 9th playable route in ‘Lost Alice’, and just with all new routes there’s special early bird prizes and a collection game. Super Early Bird ends on the 10th December. The game has also hinted at another route, which will probably be released next year for ‘ ‘Red Huber’.

As with previous routes I will be completing this walkthrough as I play through. Unlike other routes I will not be writing the entire story down, rather at the end I will have a short paragraph about each ending.  If you know any of the best answers please comment down below! I will also try my best to upload any CGs I unlock on my Instagram page, you can view them here!

Overall, I’m super excited for this route, in all the other routes the Spinner of Tales has been such a mysterious character, can’t wait to see the romance in store for us!

To check out the route guides click below

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If you want to read the ‘catch em all’ stories click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker    |   Owen

Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

Lost Alice Louis Spinner of Tales.jpg


  • I’m not Alissa (best)
  • Do you have an idea? (best)
  • I’d like cinnamon tea too (best)
  • Do you mind if I tag along with you for a while? (best)
  • Thanks for worrying about me (best)
  • Acknowledge it (best)
  • There’s not one reason I should trust you (best)
  • I’m glad you’re coming with me (best)
  • I like Louis (best)
  • Accept (best)
  • No, I don’t think so (best)
  • It made my heart race (best)
  • It’s alright (best)
  • I kind of want to go back to your house (good)
  • Of course, I plan to (best)
  • I use my magic to carry Louis (best)
  • I squeeze his hand (best)
  • Is there any way I can good? (good) & I can’t do that (okay)
  • Told a lie to the Queen (best)
  • That’s not true (best)
  • You’re inherently kind (best)

Thank you Danger, Poemi & S!

Destined Love Ending

Promised Future Ending

Broken Heart Ending


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