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My Bitter Sweet Romance ~ Resso Walkthrough

My Bitter Sweet Romance is a mobile otome game by Genius Inc. The game follows you as you interact with four brothers from another planet. The brothers are searching for three rare coffee plants to take back home, as their people live off coffee. Not only do you need to balance saving an entire planet, but there’s also a bunch of romance in the mix!

Cino — Resso — Mocha — Ricano


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An asterix (*) shows which options had a choice for rubies, I did not use any rubies to get the best ending.

  • Give him a hug
  • Never mind*
  • Congratulate Resso
  • Hide behind some boxes and listen
  • Robert is a jerk, don’t get back with him
  • I found a wrapped package in my locker
  • Will thank me
  • I’m not interested*
  • You have nothing to be jealous about
  • Yes, I’d like that
  • I thought I did
  • Thank him
  • We need to get that information
  • Just close the window*
  • You are who you are. I accept that.
  • No
  • You didn’t have to buy me something
  • No *
  • Step in to protect Cino
  • Kiss him
  • It’s over! *
  • I don’t know about that Cino
  • One night we went to the theatre
  • She will ignore it
  • Yes
  • It is not my concern *
  • Maybe I should go with Ricano
  • Pat me on my back
  • I’m not acting rational I realised that
  • Give him a hug
  • Okay, that might be helpful
  • Take his hand in mine?
  • I should throw the meat in my pocket
  • Leave it*
  • I’m just happy to have you two back
  • Leave here*
  • Tell him
  • A grass skirt
  • Yes
  • What you did was unkind to Jody
  • Women would never do that to me
  • Just fall asleep *
  • Angry about the rose
  • ….the truth
  • ….something truthful
  • Disagree with him
  • We’re writing entrance exams for university
  • Leave him*
  • Coffee
  • Hug him
  • Let Resso hug me
  • I don’t want to know *
  • Eggs and bacon
  • We broke up and then he dated Mary
  • Apply lipstick
  • It was tough
  • Yes
  • I’m not interested at all *
  • The blue one
  • Yes
  • We ate and went home *
  • Sure, I want some
  • You shouldn’t do that
  • Coffee?
  • Leave the room
  • Coffee
  • I’m too tired*
  • Nachos
  • I really want to see


My Bitter Sweet romance Resson CG otome.png

So Resso’s story was like five ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ episodes compounded into one short game. The entire route is filled with either you getting angry with Resso for flirting with some girls (which he isn’t!) or him getting angry at you for flirting with his brothers (which you aren’t!). I was quite disappointed with this route as in other routes Resso seemed really sweet, but his route almost did my head in.

In the Good Ending you decide to stay on earth and Resso leaves. Initially you are heart broken, but you eventually get over him and find new love.

In the Happy Ending Resso stays on earth with you. The two of you continue to work at the cafe and fall deeper in love with one another.

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