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Dead Wishes ~ Dating Sim Demo Review

VIOLET is a new Indie developer who has just released the demo of their upcoming game – Dead Wishes. Dead Wishes is a dating sim unlike any other. If you prefer otome games with sweet princes that whisk you away to a happily ever after, Dead Wishes is not the game for you. The game explores the darkest corners of society, questioning player’s morales as we make life-altering decisions, some in the name of love, others for self-preservation.

Dead Leaves otome Beta ophelia.jpg

You will notice that rather than calling Dead Wishes an otome, I’ve opted for the term ‘dating sim’. That is because the MC in Dead Wishes is genderless but can be named, so dating sim is a more appropriate term. Your MC has recently moved to a new city after suffering the traumatic lost of both their parents. The MC is on the brink of desperation, they can’t find a job, are depressed and are about to be evicted. To find a new life for yourself, you will be set on the path of one of four very unique characters. Each character has 3 endings, and most, spell a bad end for our sweet MC.

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The game opens with a short personality questionnaire. Your answers influences which routes are available to you. Once you get started, MC’s life is in your hands. The demo features a foray into a mafia love triangle, the horror of being kidnapped and imprisoned to cold-blooded murder. As you face these struggles the characters you meet will either be warm angels, or monsters disguised as humans. All the stories are incredibly interesting and well-written, but not for the faint of heart. The game gives us an insight into the lives of people that we may never meet (hopefully) and the horrors that they can inflict upon others. As we learn about each of these characters, the reasons for their actions, we come to the ultimate question – do we forgive them?

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Overall, I really enjoyed playing Dead Wishes – the characters and story were fantastically crafted. After each route I was left with an unsettled feeling, as I tried to work out whether I had made the right choice or not. One route’s play through took about an hour, with another 30 minutes to work out the other two endings.  If you are interested in the game, but a bit nervous considering the subject matter, I would recommend playing either Ophelia or Allegra’s routes first. Vincent & Lucien’s routes in particular could be distressing to players. Another point is that the game does not feature CGs. I always adore seeing CGs at the end of games, it gives me a bit of a sense of completeness. However, instead of CGs, Violet has provided some really interesting quotes after the ‘good end’ of each route. The quotes provide a philosophical insight into the characters, and encourage further discussion on their actions. Update: The full game will have CGs! 

If you want to check out the game, you can download the free demo of Dead Wishes over at Itch.io. Also make sure to follow the Developer’s tumblr and twitter accounts! The full version will feature twelve routes and will potentially be released December 2018.


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Lucien’s Good/Romance End

The wonderful Dev’s at Violet saw that a number of people were having trouble with Lucien’s good end. They’ve very kindly sent me through a walkthrough to post up here.

1. I hope I can do a good job.
2. Can I have another job?
3. Of course!
4. Will I see you later?
5. Hold onto his shoulders
6. Why are you down here?
7. (Either choice)
8. (Either choice)
9. Is it really a walk?
10. Of course.
11. My feet are sore.
12. I think you wanted an excuse…
13. (Either choice)
14. I never thought…
15. I think you’re a good person
16. (Either choice)
17. (Either choice)
18. Extravagant
19. That’s not true.
20. Do you need help?
21. Threaten him.
22. Don’t move.
23. (Either choice)
24. What do you need?
25. Are you in love with him?
26. Steady Lucien’s hands

12 thoughts on “Dead Wishes ~ Dating Sim Demo Review

  1. Can you please do a walkthrough of Lucien’s good end (ending number 1)
    no matter what I do I can’t seem to be able to get it
    and with Vincent and Allegra, I haven’t even been able to encounter them

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    1. Hi there! Violet will be releasing a walkthrough sometime this week, they’ve also got a discord channel where you can ask for hints. To get onto Vincent and Allegra’s routes they’re very dependent on your answers to the quiz, for Allegra you have give very aggressive answers and for Vincent very submissive answers. I also had trouble with Lucien’s good end. I finally got it after not being very affectionate but doing my job well. Hope this helps!


      1. I’ve been trying for over an hour and I can’t get Lucien’s good end no matter how much I try; I think it’s the restaurant scene I keep messing up. Any hints how be professional during that scene? I hope they release a guide soon, I’ve never had this much trouble with a route.

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      2. Hi there, I’m trying to replay the route to double check all the options, but gosh I can’t even get to the good end again! Lucien’s route is very tricky, but I think for the restaurant scene you go – say nothing – I never thought I’d work in a place like this – I think you’re a good person – I don’t think that’s possible – As long as you don’t hurt others – order something extravagant – maybe not . I also remember for the last choice you have to choose to steady Lucien’s hands. Hope this helps! If after that you still have trouble, comment here again and I’ll message the developer’s on Discord to see when they’ll have a full route guide up/ if I can post a full one here.


  2. Sadly, after trying for another hour, I still can’t get it, and I give up by this point. I got every other ending in the game except this one, so if there’s any feedback I have for the demo is that it’s ridiculously hard to trigger Lucien’s good ending; to the point that it’s soured me on the game a bit. There’s way too many paths to ending 2 and seemingly only one for the good end, and while this seems to be true with the other characters as well (I got Vincent’s good end instead of ending 2 by changing only one early game answer), it is extremely difficult to figure out what Lucien wants. Vincent and Allegra are really easy, and Ophelia only needs some minor trial and error to get her character down.

    Maybe it’s the point of his character, since he’s faking his personality? Doesn’t change the fact it’s not fun, so yes, I’d like a guide if they are able to post one. I hope the routes in the final game don’t follow this pattern, as I was really enjoying it up to this point.

    Thanks for trying to help me, I really appreciate it.

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    1. Hi there, no worries. I understand it can be super frustrating trying to get the good endings for the games. I spoke with the developers and they’ve sent me through a guide (which I’ve copied into the above blog post). I hope this helps. The developer’s did mention that Lucien’s route is the most difficult to get the best ending. I’ll pass your comments on to the developers as feedback is always appreciated and needed to make games as best as they can be 🙂


      1. Thank you very much, I finally managed to get it. The choices that I never changed were “Thank you Ophelia” and “Ask to take a break”, and together they were preventing my from getting the ending. I also changed “Ask to take a break” very rarely, and that was also a minus.

        After getting ending 2 and 3, and knowing his story with Sergio, his good end is very unnerving…overall, you are right in saying that the men are much more distressing for the player than the females, which I hope is something that is balanced in the final game, as otherwise it paints a rather unfair picture of the genders.

        Still, I really like the theme, it’s very refreshing. I’m looking forward to Sergio’s route the most in the final as I have a good feeling about from what I saw in Lucien’s route…though I could be completely wrong. I’m also interested in Mateo, if only to see if the kids from Vincent’s route make an appearance there. I also really like how the character’s likes and dislikes in the site actually play a role in the game. It can actually work as a mini-guide of sorts.


    1. Hiya! I’ll check with devs but it might take me a few days as I’m taking a blog break over Christmas. From memory I do remember getting the good ending by ‘appeasing’ Vincent – not talking back and doing things he wants. Also just prepare yourself for the ending as all of Vincent’s endings are quite dark and confronting.


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