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Miraclr: Divine Dating Sim Review

Miraclr is a mobile dating app by Indie developer company Woodsy Studio. The game is a text-based app, that works almost like a social media account. For fans of games like Mystic Messenger, you’ll feel right at home playing Miraclr. The game goes over the course of seven days as you help four angels (Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel & Michael) + Lucifer  choose a divine miracle. The miracle will be the first one in 400 years – so there’s a lot of pressure to make it a success!

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First off – the game allows you to choose your ‘gender’ – male, female or non-binary and input your name. From there you go into a little introduction phase/ prologue. At the end, Michael will ask you what times best suit you for meetings. There are 3 meetings throughout the day – Morning, Afternoon and Evening. You can change meeting preference times at anytime. However one day I did change my preference and it skipped the meeting all together – so I’m not sure if this is a little glitch. Besides the meetings, throughout the day, Angels may chat in the general group chat or private message you. You have a time limit to respond to each private message (about 45 minutes), if you don’t respond you loose affection points. The first four days are a common route, which branches for the final 3 days for a romance route. All five characters are romanceable. I have completed two routes – Lucifer’s & Uriel’s.

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As detailed above, the premise of Miraclr was really unique and interesting. I’m really excited to see more text-based messenger games incorporating social media. It’s almost a bit more immersive and gives you a bit more insight into the private lives of characters. The writing is very witty, and I was always laughing at the random and casual pop culture references. On top of this, I really loved the characters – they’re all diverse from their skin tones to their gender identification. It’s a truly inclusive game.

While this was a really interesting endeavour by Woodsy Studio, there are some aspects that I did struggle with. As mentioned above, I did notice some glitches in their system. Most notably, when characters private messaged me only about 50% of the time would I get a push notification on my phone. The rest of the time I would completely miss the message and loose affection points for no reason. This was very frustrating as I do have push notifications turned on. Another issue is that if you put the app in the background to check a regular text or something, the app treats it like you’ve completely shut it off and restarts. Another smaller issue, is that characters had ’emojis’ but they weren’t really showing up, they more appeared to be random dots on the screen than proper emojis. I would have also liked to see CGs or special pictures of the character at the end of each route, especially a picture of MC and the character doing something romantic!

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Overall Miraclr is a fun dating sim for those with not much time, and just want a quick romantic experience for a few minutes each day. The characters are very well written, the chats are cute and funny and the designs are gorgeous. As mentioned above, there are some technical issues and the lack of CGs is a bit disappointing. After playing my two routes, I don’t think I will play the game to completion. However, the game is completely free so if it’s something you may be interested in, try it out for a day or two. It’s available on both iOS and Android. Overall I give the game a 6.5/10


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3 thoughts on “Miraclr: Divine Dating Sim Review

  1. I‘ll simply state that I *highly* recommend that you play this game at least twice, consecutively.
    I don’t want to sound too cryptic, nor do I want to give too much away—but if you successfully complete the game AND THEN start a new game after… some plot changes come to light about halfway through the game (approx around the time you’ve chosen a miracle/are about to chose a miracle).

    I’ve just completed my second game so I don’t know much more than this, but i wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the third time around brings further changes to light 🙂

    Happy Gaming 😘


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