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My Twin Romance ~ First Impressions (Genius LLC)

My Twin Romance is Genius’ latest mobile otome game. You play as a young woman who is struggling to make ends meet. One night you are walking home from work and are attacked by a group of thugs. A mysterious handsome man saves you, and in return asks you to attend a function with him. When you arrive you realise the function is actually a ball for the rich and famous. There you meet the mother of two twins, who is impressed by your work ethic, and offers you a job as her servant. You quickly accept and begin your new life.

The game is just like most Genius games – it’s a ticket based system, and choices you make get affection points (but you don’t know how much). At the moment there are only two romance options – the twins (Yuki & Haru). After each chapter you can also earn ‘rubies’ which allow you to unlock special scenarios that boost affection points.However there is one big difference! In this game, there is no prologue, just a common route which goes for 9 chapters. The game has four endings – happy, good, twins and non- ending. Until the 31 January, you won’t need tickets to play the game, so if it’s a game that interests you start playing now!

Overall, the game does have an interesting concept. However, playing through the common route got really tedious, and there were all these other characters that appeared that I would rather romance than the twins. The twins also seem to be very stereotypical characters – one is  flirty hotshot and the other is a stuck-up rich brat. From playing a bit of it, I gotta say I’m not too impressed, and don’t think I will continue playing. As such, I will not be writing a walkthrough for this game.

The Guys

Yuki is the one with the longer hair & Haru is the one wearing the hat.

My Twin Romance otome.png

My Twin Romance otome brothers.png