Three Happy Cats!? Welcome To Pippin!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that the last few days I’ve been gushing about a certain boy. That boy, is my new kitty cat – Pippin! I adopted Pippin (previously known as Pippy) from the RSPCA. Originally it was a bit of a joke, since my other cat is called Merry, and my parents and I love Lord of the Rings – we joked about getting a Pippin so they could match. So I called up the RSPCA to inquire about Pippin – what his health was like, why his owners surrendered him etc. As soon as I talked to the RSPCA representative, I knew I had to adopt Pippin. It was no longer a funny idea – I really wanted to save this gorgeous cat.

Pippin RSPCA.jpeg

The RSPCA told me that Pippin’s original family had given him up as they had to move away – fair enough. I then asked about health issues and this is where I got a bit angry. Apparently Pippin’s previous family had not really looked after him – his fur was matted, both ears were infected and he had to get some teeth removed. My heart broke for this gentle giant, and I immediately decided to get him. We received him yesterday evening, I don’t live anywhere near Port Macquarie so I had to hire a pet courier service. He left the RSPCA at neatly 8am, and was home with us by 7pm. When he got him I knew I had made the right decision. As soon as he saw us he started purring and rubbing against us. Last night he cuddled up with me as we slept and only left my side to go to the toilet.

But I could still see the effects of his mistreatment. His entire stomach has been shaved, presumably from the matted hair. He can only eat with one side of his mouth, he’s had about four teeth removed. We received a chart with showed he had gingivitis and tartar all around his mouth. The RSPCA hadn’t mentioned it, but on the papers it showed he had a giant cyst removed from his shoulder, and I’m finding all these weird pimples on his body. He’s also got red pus discharge coming from his eye – don’t worry, we’re taking him to the vet ASAP!

Anywho, I just wanted to write this short post to introduce you to the latest member of my family! Welcome once again Pippin, I love you so much already.

18 thoughts on “Three Happy Cats!? Welcome To Pippin!

  1. Red pus discharge that’s not
    Good hope pippin will be alright. Can’t believe rspca said nothing about his teeth or eye that’s bad. But glad he is in good hands now congrats on your new companion 😊 i

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    1. I was a bit shocked with the teeth, they mentioned he had a few removed but I wasn’t expecting it to be so bad. I did phone them about the eye and they said it was normal (?) any who will definitely be heading to the vet to double check!


  2. I wish I could give standing ovations to this post. Adopting pets is always awesome, but especially to take in an older pet who has been mistreated. Sounds like Pippin fell in love with you at first sight as well!

    Hope Pippin gets a clean bill of health at the vet!

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    1. Thank you ❤ ❤ ! He's such a wonderful cat, it broke my heart hearing about all his health issues. He's such a funny cat, today he was getting upset because I momentarily stopped petting him so I could text someone. Ahh I love him

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  3. Aww! I love cats myself, so, to hear a cat being mistreated as such is definitely a heartbreaker. Glad you’re taking care of Pippin now.


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