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Princes of the Night: No Walkthrough Needed!

About a month ago I wrote up a first impressions post for Ciagram’s latest game ‘Princes of the Night’. In the post I promised that I would write up a walkthrough for each of the routes. I finished my first play through (Van Helsing) about 2 weeks after the initial post and got the ‘good’ ending, For the life of me, I could not work out how to go back and replay the game to find out the correct answers for the best ending. Today, I realised you don’t need to replay the game!

The options you choose during the story have no ‘affection points’ / bearing on the story. Rather when you finish the finish the game, no matter what options you chose, you will always receive the ‘first’ ending. For Van Helsing his first listed ending is the good ending, so after playing the game I read the good ending. Now, after reading the first ending you need to click ‘continue reading’. You don’t need to change routes, or try to start again from the beginning. Just click ‘continue reading’. This will then take you to the ‘second’ listed ending, for Van Helsing was the ‘best’ ending. If you want to read the final ending, you got it, just click ‘continue reading! This way you’ll also collect all the CGs for the route. However please note that reading the endings will still consume story points! But once you’ve read them once, you can read it again as many times as you want!

It’s a strange system by Ciagram, especially since it isn’t mentioned during their tutorial or anything. This was also my first game that I played from Ciagram so I’m not sure if this is a feature in all of their games. But in a way I’m glad I didn’t have to keep replaying the game to get the best ending, and it also gives the player a bit more freedom to choose the options that they themselves would choose, rather than trying to choose options you think the guy would like.

Anywho this has just been a PSA from Two Happy Cats, hope this has helped some people! Remember to follow my Instagram account to see the CGs as I unlock them!

Ending Orders~ 

Klaus von Dracula (4 CGs) – Normal End –> Happy End –> Super Happy End

Gerald van Helsing (1 CG) – Normal End –> Happy End –> Bad End

Ewan (2 CGs) – Normal End –> Happy End –> Super Happy End


8 thoughts on “Princes of the Night: No Walkthrough Needed!

  1. Hi, i already play 3 routes, but as u suggest, click continue reading, it keep play the last chapter, and didn’t lead to the good end. I end up at normal end for this 3 roues, and a bit frustrated since i dont know how to get good ending.

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    1. Hiya! So once you get to the last chapter (for you it would be the normal end) go to the last ‘section’ of the normal end, (so if there’s 5 sections go to section 5), read through the last section and then it’ll say the end etc, then click continue reading and it should automatically start the next ending. Hope this helps 🙂


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