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Blaze! Love to the Top ~ First Impressions

Abracadabra Inc. has just released a new BL dating sim – ‘Blaze! Love to the top’. The game follows our very adorable MC who works at an idol agency. MC has been a massive fan of idol group ‘Blaze’, and works at the idol agency to have a small chance of meeting Blaze. One day while working, he begins to hum, the agency CEO hears him and offers him another job. Yep, you guessed it! The CEO wants him to be the latest member of Blaze. Of course not all the members are super psyched about this. They give him a 3 month deadline – if he can impress them by then, he can stay. If not, well, he’s gotta go back to being a part-time worker.

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Overall the game seems quite interesting. The writing is quite well done, even if the plot is a tad cliche. None of the guys look particularly unique – just very typical ikemen, although I do reckon that Takuya is gorgeous! I will be trying out his route first.  I’m usually not a big fan of idol games, but for some great BL romance I’ll definitely be giving this a shot. I will be trying my best to do a walkthrough for each of the routes, but these usually take quite a lot of time and are dependent on if I enjoyed the game or not. So fingers crossed at least one or two get done!


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The Boys

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Blaze Love to thet op Shinnosuke Tokura


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  1. Tokura is so gorgeous, could I ask if you can that you go for his route next?
    Regardless thank you for taking your time to share all these walkthroughs.


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