It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist ~ GL Webtoon

‘It would be great if you didn’t exist’ is a rather unique girls love webtoon by Carbonara. Guk-hwa is a little upset to find her long-time, useless boyfriend has been cheating on her. She confronts the other woman and discovers it’s a drop-dead gorgeous woman named Jang-Mi. Despite the unconventional start to their relationship, the two women can’t get the other out of their mind. It seems fate is thinking along the same lines, bringing them together time and time again. Eventually the women begin to date and find true love with each other. The series currently has 71 chapters released and is still ongoing.

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One of the main selling points of this series is the writing. The series manages to perfectly balance humour with soft and tender moments. For example in one moment Guk-hwa and Jang-Mi could be arguing with one another, and in the next holding hands promising to never leave the other. However, that is not to say that the story is always lovey-dovey. Over the last 70 chapters the author has explored some dark themes such as abuse, stalking and family breakdown, and is beginning to branch into bullying. All these topics are handled very sensitively. I also really enjoyed the designs of the characters, everyone is quite unique with obvious fashion styles and character quirks. By the end of a few chapters you feel like you know each character, like you’re old friends.

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While the series is fantastic there are some slight flaws. First up is that the story can jump around a bit. Flashback episodes are not handled very well, and at times you’re unsure if it’s a flashback, someone thinking/ reflecting or something happening to them in real time. At times these ‘flashbacks’ lead into new character arcs, which end up being a confusing & frustrating mess. On top of this, as mentioned before, the series does deal with some complex issues. And while it does handle them sensitively, at times it fails to encapsulate the entirety of the issue. The problems often seem to be a blanket issue, or just handed in a stereotypical manner. I would have liked a bit more in-depth analysis into the problems, and how they affect the characters.

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Overall, It would be great if you didn’t exist is a really fun and sweet girls love webtoon. It’s the second Girls Love series I’ve read, after my collaboration with Remy.  The series is perfect for beginners who are interested in the genre as well as GL veterans. Despite some story flow flaws, the series has some really wholesome characters, and features a truly romantic relationship. I give this series a 7.5/10


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  1. This particular series seems like a lot of fun albeit flawed. Been thinking about starting it.

    Thanks for the insight into It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist. And I’m glad you’re looking into more Girls Love stuff!


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