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Takuya Momose Walkthrough ~ Blaze! Love to the Top

Abracadabra has just released a new BL dating sim called ‘Blaze! Love to the top’. In the game you join a popular idol group called Blaze. You have three months to prove your worth otherwise you get the boot. You can check out my first impressions post over here. This walkthrough will be updated as I play through the route. If you know any of the answers, please comment down below!

Update: I’ve noticed that the game does not tell you how much points you get for each answer. As such I will only know how well I’ve been doing once I get to a scenario point. I’ll be keeping a log of my answers here and will update with what points show up at the scenario point! —>  so my answers may not be the best answers!

Update 2:  So with the ‘sweet story’ you need to use affection items to boost your affection as the ‘best’ answer only gives you 5 points.

Final Update: I’ve finished the game now, but I don’t think I will be going back to make sure which ones are the best answers. Tbh I didn’t really enjoy this story and thought it dragged on way too long. I’ve put a note next to answers which I know are DEFINITELY the best answer, and notes next to other answers about what I THINK may be the best answer.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately to get the Sweet Ending you have to use items to boost your affection. Even if you get best answer for all answers you’ll only get max 150 affection points but you need 170 for sweet ending.

My Answers

  • Apologise obediently (I think you’re meant to stop him)
  • Tell them an approximate date (I think you’re meant to tell the truth)
  • Think about it positively
  • Do everything that I can
  • Stare at Momose quietly
  • I look forward to the song

= 25 affection, Sweet Story needs 45

  • Tell him what I’m feeling
  • No it’s personal
  • Be honest and tell him thank you
  • There is no way
  • I immediately lifted him in my arms
  • Squeeze his hand back
  • Accept it
  • Run up to the three of them immediately

= 62 affection, Sweet Story needs 85

  • It’ll heal if I lick it  (definitely best answer!)
  • Then…  (definitely best answer!)

= 72  affection, Sweet Story needs 90

  • …Sure, why not.
  • Smile
  • Yell
  • Take Momose’s hand and hold on tight
  • I cut in ( i think you are meant to try to keep on listening!)
  • I just have to do it like I usually do
  • Continue to look at him
  • This bad feeling just got more intense
  • We’ll definitely find him

= 110 Affection, Sweet Story needs 145

  • Just stay by his side (definitely best answer)
  • Be tactful (definitely best answer)
  • Send him one just in case (definitely best answer) 
  • Rush to see what happened (definitely best answer)

= 130 affection, Sweet ED needs 170

Please read the final update & important up top 

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