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Burning Heart ~ Muto Takaki Walkthrough

Burning Heart is a new otome game by Aceela Inc. Aceela actually seems to be a sibling company to Ciagram (don’t quote me on that) as I can see they share some of the same games but just in different languages. Anywho, to the story! 10 years after your parents death in a fire you become a fire fighter and join your own squad. The squad is full of handsome guys, but you soon realise some of them may know more about your past than they let out. You choose which guy you want to be with pretty quickly, so far 3 guys are available with 2 more being released in February next year. For my first play through I chose Muto Takaki – the demon instructor!

Burning Heart Muto Takaki otome.jpg

1 story ticket is recovered every 3 hours. I can tell that this game is going to take me forever to get through – there’s 27 chapters and who knows how many tickets are used/ chapter! As always, if you know the best answers comment down below. I write these walkthroughs with the hope of them being a collaborative effort with the otome community.

Check out Junpei’s walkthrough over here!

Check out Hori’s walkthrough here!

Walkthrough Removed!

Hello everyone. It was recently brought to my attention that Accela does not allow for walkthroughs to be published for their games. Accela has NOT contacted me about these walkthroughs, but I thought it would be best to delete them as a show of integrity. I will be contacting Accela to see if their ban still remains (as they made the below post in February 2017). Thank you Mahanidra, Daizzie21, Mormint & Soda Petty for part 1 and Meru, Eva & Aya for part 2 of the walkthrough, I’m really sad to see it go 😦

Accela otome no walkthroughs part 1Accela Otome no walkthroughs part 2

70 thoughts on “Burning Heart ~ Muto Takaki Walkthrough

  1. So, for Burning Heart, the first + 50 answer is that this work could help people (paraphrased, sorry!) And the next was to intervene…
    Thought I’d help as I go?

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      1. I’m kinda new at this, and you’ve been very nice, but I just want to be sure it’s ok to be helping in the comments? Like there’s not an unwritten rule or something?
        I’m always desperately searching for walkthroughs, (even in other languages!) that it’s really fun to help someone make one! I’ve got the easy part with a 50/50 chance, if I can’t figure it out!

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      2. Oh no seriously you’re making my life so much easier! Otherwise I’d have to play the same route twice to get all the correct answers, so I’m super thankful to you ❤ !! Also thank you for the coffee, I was actually going ask you if you had a ko-fi to buy you one cause you're helping me so much <3!!!


  2. And for the next, the +50 is “Is this for Sumire?” (Or “Is this about Sumire”)
    I need to pay attention to the exact wording so as to be more helpful!

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  3. The answers of (sorry, paraphrasing!)
    “I get caught up”
    “I can do it” and
    “I’m younger than you”
    Should be + 50 on the first “I get caught up”.
    “I can do it!” is definitely a +10


  4. Of the three-
    “It’s my responsibility”
    “I won’t be in your way”
    “What are you going to do”

    “What are you going to do” is +10.

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  5. It’s nothing to do with you
    Don’t get involved between us
    Don’t you like him? +50
    This is from right after the special scene in Mr. Muto’s point of view. You need 1100 Love for the scene.

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  6. Chapter 22 scene 5

    You sure you can do it?
    Do you have permission from the chief?
    We could talk to Mr. Muto

    It’s seems this one was skipped. it’s right after the one for the tournament.
    I notice that if you go to menu->album you can re-read chapters this helps for if you would like to include how its written word for word.

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  7. I posted chap 25 answer before as a reply to my comment. (hint. if you select between one of the 1-3 answer say I pick 2 before but wanted to see what their response will be before clearing the story. I reload story just to test out different answers then pick the outcome that makes more sense. Before proceeding to the next chapter.) just wanted to share this.

    Chapter 25 scene 4
    1. A power plant (+50)
    2. a water treatment plant
    3. a gasometer

    chapter 26 scene 5
    1. move forward (+50)
    2. resist
    3. buy time

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  8. 2nd story
    -i was scared (+50 point)
    -are you talking about muto?(+50 point)
    -i understand (+50 point)
    -how is it? (+50 point)

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