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My Bitter Sweet Romance ~ Mocha Walkthrough

Genius Inc’s latest mobile otome game is called ‘My Bitter Sweet Romance’. The game follows an MC who works at a coffee shop. Four mysterious brothers begin working at the shop, and MC discovers they are aliens from another planet. The brothers have come to earth to find rare coffee beans and bring them home (coffee is there life source). The MC quickly agrees, but saving a planet is not all she signed up for! She begins falling in love with one of the handsome brothers.

CinoResso — Mocha — Ricano


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  • Maybe you shouldn’t trust me
  • It could interfere with the mission
  • He’s quiet and mysterious
  • They called him soft
  • No Romance! *
  • You’re all doing ok in the handsome department
  • I know how much you like to play
  • Well, okay *
  • Just do something simple like a movie
  • Lasagna
  • Then that should get Robert off your back
  • They’re new here
  • They’re just gossips! *
  • No, it’s really not my business
  • You won’t pressure me
  • That’s why it was never going to work
  • Can’t a girl get a coffee?
  • None of my business*
  • There is a suspicious man
  • I just got used to being a fake couple
  • Mocha and I on a romantic cruise together
  • You get to tell me how to run my life
  • Then it was someone who looks exactly like you
  • Not tonight *
  • Work and Mocha
  • He seemed to pay careful attention to the staff
  • I want to follow him
  • Those brothers are up to something
  • I don’t want to know *
  • Mexican
  • Maybe she followed us to the airport
  • Esprit
  • I was so scared when I heard you were here
  • She is Robert’s informant
  • Just be quiet *
  • Don’t worry
  • Oops, Elvira arrived *
  • It makes into one
  • It’s better to concentrate on the time you have
  • Because they belong together
  • It is such a lovely day
  • I’ll miss my dentist’s appointment
  • I’m busy *
  • Good walking shoes
  • We’re taking it slowly
  • That the people of Kahawa will die
  • The farmer is a hermit
  • What would be the point of warning him?
  • I want to share his sorrow
  • Are you a good person?
  • Be careful about what you say
  • You set the bar low for romance
  • A snow globe
  • I don’t know
  • I’m sleepy *
  • A sundress
  • I don’t want to know, I’m too disappointed *
  • Maybe he suddenly had to go to work
  • Mocha loves someone else
  • Home
  • It could jeopardise the mission
  • We need to find him before she gives him the serum
  • The other half of Mocha’s heart
  • We know how to deal with Sechabians
  • Smile *
  • Sorry I feel asleep
  • Coffee
  • How’s this for a surprise?
  • Maybe later*
  • You’re quite a special woman


My Bitter Sweet Romance Otome Mocha.png

Mocha’s story is the most focused on the mission. You travel with him to the various coffee locations, and slowly your relationship blooms. You begin to learn more about Mocha, and his hopes and fears. However the story is not all easy going, as an agent from an enemy planet begins to spy on you and plot the brother’s failure.

In the Good Ending you decide to stay behind on Earth and Mocha leaves. Weeks later you are still absolutely heart-broken and wonder if you made the right decision.

In the Happy Ending you go with Mocha back to his home planet. There, he proposes to you and you spend the rest of your lives together happily.

P.S. after playing three of these routes, I’m getting the sense that the ‘good’ endings are really not good at all…


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