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Lumiere X Yangzi Walkthrough ~ Love Tangle (Shall We Date)

This is my first play through of Love Triangle. I kept seeing pictures pop up all over my Instagram and figured I must try it out! So I’ve started off with the latest route – Lumiere (fashion designer) and Yangzi (figure skater). At the moment Lumiere is the only one released, so Yangzi will be released a bit later. At the moment I’m not quite sure how the two in one will work, so I’ve divided their walkthroughs. I’m assuming when you get a choice – one answer is for Lumiere and one is for Yangzi. Please let me know if I’m wrong!

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  • I’ll do my best
  •  You’re so spunky!
  • Need someone to talk to?
  • Why don’t you want to go home?
  • I get where you’re coming from
  • One of you should go
  • Stay in the lab
  • You’re a hard worker (best)
  • Eat with him (best)
  • Pry into his heart (best)
  • Just relax (best)
  • Eat all of it (best)
  • Why do you think that way? (best)
  • Go back to Vegasus City (best)
  • Are you fine with that? (best)


  • I’ll give it a shot
  • Watch your mouth!
  • May I sit down?
  • Stop causing trouble for people
  • Won’t that hurt your career?
  • I could go
  • Search for a hotel
  • Admit that you like it (best)
  • Explain the situation (best)
  • Then show your good side (best)
  • Don’t force a smile (best)
  • It’s too much (best)
  • What an incredible person (best)
  • Don’t you lie to me (best)
  • You’re right (best)

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