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Burning Heart ~ Chiba Junpei Walkthrough

Hey hey! This may be my last post before I have a break for Christmas. Burning heart is an otome game by Accelea, it follows an MC who is a newbie fire fighter. 10 years ago MC’s parents died in a fire. There are currently 3 romaceable options, with more coming in February!

1 story ticket is recovered every 3 hours. I can tell that this game is going to take me forever to get through – there’s 27 chapters and who knows how many tickets are used/ chapter! As always, if you know the best answers comment down below. I write these walkthroughs with the hope of them being a collaborative effort with the otome community.

Muto’s walkthrough here and Hori’s walkthrough here!Chiba Junpei Burning Heart

Walkthrough (Updating as I go)

Thank you Ai, Shadow and Mahindra!

  1. First option (50 up)
  2. Is that what you were worried about? (50 up)
  3. You’re as strong as Muto (50 up)
  4. Everything is fine (50 up)
  5. Really? (50 up)
  6. We have to ask Junpei (50 up)
  7. Don’t worry (50 up)
  8. It’s alright, me too (50 up
  9. Option 2 (ahh I accidentally clicked it without reading it >_<)  (30 up)
  10. You’re right (50 up)
  11. They could by mistake (30 up)
  12. I am relieved… (50 up)
  13. I’ll wait (30 up)
  14. Yes, it is important (50 up)
  15. Call him (50 up)
  16. Fine, okay (30 up)
  17. That’s awesome! (50 up)
  18. I want to be strong (50 up)
  19. Wait here (30 up)
  20. It’s true (10 up)
  21. Roger! (50 up)
  22. Why? (10 up)
  23. Really!? (30 up)
  24. Alright (30 up)
  25. Let’s put it out now! (50 up)
  26. I want cake (10 up 😩)
  27. Quick! Leave! (30 up)

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