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Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-San ~ Review!

Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-San is a 12 episode short anime series that aired during the Fall 2017 anime season. When I saw this anime is short, I really mean short, excluding the op and ed songs each episode is only about 2 minutes long. The series is based on a BL (Boys Love) game simply called Taishou Mebiusline. The game was released way back in 2012, and has no English release (besides fan patches). I went into this series intrigued by the game and left it thinking it was all a bit of mess. You can check out my first impressions of the series over here.

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The series follows rich country boy Kyou who heads to Tokyo to learn more about the world. While on the train there, he randomly turns into a chibi form, however his chibi form doesn’t seem to surprise anyone else and he just continues going on about his way. Around Tokyo other random characters also turn into chibi form, again no one really seems to mind, especially the creators of the series who seem to forget the characters are meant to be chibi. By episode 3 the entire why-am-i-suddenly-cute story line is thrown out the window as characters return to normal size and create a purpose for this series.

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So forget the chibi! Now we’re onto using zombies as soldiers for Imperial Japan – a storyline that only took 9 episodes to work out. So after we finally understand what is that we’re watching, guess what happens? The entire series is revealed to be some weird dream Kyou has had on the train trip to Tokyo. Yeah, I kind you not. So not only do we suffer through 12 episodes of nonsense and handsome characters whose names we never get to learn, at the end it’s all pretty much for nothing.

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Every anime season there are always some short series and I’ve only ever seen two types do them correctly. The first type is seen in Honobono Log, where each episode is a single story not related to any other episode, we get a quick interesting story and that’s it onto to the next random story. The second type is seen in Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu where the overall story is quickly explained in episode 1 (High School boy loves yaoi manga) and the following episodes are silly gag episodes just to make you laugh. What Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-San was trying to squeeze all the intricacies and plot of a full length anime series into 24 minutes and when they realised they couldn’t, just gave up and threw the entire thing out the window.

Taishou Mebiusline Chicchai-San Yaoi almost kiss.jpg
Also there’s this weird scene where long hair dude rubs blood on Kyou’s lips and tries to kiss him

If you can’t tell already, I’m super disappointed by this series. Instead of trying to squeeze an entire game into 12 short episodes, it would have worked a lot better if the series complimented the game. For example there could be some cute chibi side stories or extra romance scenes between characters. Besides the picture above (which is super creepy) there were no romance scenes between characters, reading forums, I saw a lot of fans say they felt cheated while watching the series. Overall the series had an interesting premise that just did not deliver. An unfortunate 4/10



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11 thoughts on “Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-San ~ Review!

  1. I tried an episode of this and kind of thought I might check it out at the end of the season, but clearly I don’t need to if that’s how it is going to end anyway. Thanks for sparing me some frustration.

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  2. Ugh….I hate it when shows/movies/books do that to you, the “it was all a dream” angle. One of the most unoriginal forms of ever ending a story. Am glad I don’t havevto watch this now, as this sounds seriously annoying. Sorry you had to suffer through this though 😢

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    1. Yess! I remember when I was in high school if we ended a creative writing piece with ‘it was all a dream’ we would automatically fail! It’s such a cop out 😦 I’ll just have to watch some good ending to sooth my aching heart 😛

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